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Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by inviscid, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Bold statement, I know, but hear me out. I just retired my third pair of NS's and was looking to replace it with the another when my girlfriend talked me into popping into r&b. I'm a man of habit - wore APCs since highschool (8 years ago) and never looked back. I knew what fit me well and fuck it if I was going to change from three pairs of well loved and well lived in jeans.
    But rag and bone was only a couple blocks away from APC and even on the same street, so I decided to humor her... and holy christ. :slayer: if there ever was a smiley to describe it.

    My two problems with APC was the rise (just an inch shy of being comfortable) and the stretch. Unbearable for a week to get them to their real size. Outside these two issues, the NS was all I ever needed. These solved both: rise high enough to give my area breathing room, and very slight give in the denim.

    Naturally, I was looking to size down until my hips brused - the APC ritual I've known and started to feel affectionate towards - but the associate selling me the jeans told me not to expect me to button it up all the way after a few days on a pair that didn't completely fit. He saw my APCs and specifically said, "these ain't no APCs"! He's been right so far - the pair I bought fits exactly the same 5 days in. I expect it to give as I wear em, but no major stretching so far. Sizing wise, I wear a 32 in dress pants, a 29 in APC (post stretch) and a 31 in these.

    Oh, and I haven't mentioned it yet... just enough room to be comfortable down under.

    Nuff talk, here's the fit:


    There is a downside, though: these suckers cost $10 more than the NS. I paid $195, and the APC retails for $185. (I miss when the NS cost $120...) Not sure if I would choose these over the NS if the difference was $75, but at $10, no brainer.

    Will keep you guys posted on how they fade.

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    Sep 18, 2011
    Thats a great fit! You should post a full pic tho. They look like theyre the same color s APC's?

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