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Questions About Purchasing a Pre-Owned Suit


Aug 24, 2013
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I have reached the age where I need to have at least one nicely fitting suit. As a business major, I will be hitting the job fairs this semester and am looking for something very stylish yet conservative.
My favorite brand for the last few years has been Brooks Brothers. As much as I would love to get one of their Made-to-measure suits, I could not even afford to buy one of their 363 line ready to wear suits off the rack.
So over the past years I have been building my wardrobe with a lot of preowned articles of clothing from BB, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, etc. This has allowed be to buy considerably nice pieces, that last, while only paying 20%-40% of their retail price.

So what I came here to ask, is, could I use the same method when searching for a suit? Or more specifically, is it plausible to meet my criteria(below), while staying within budget? Here was my initial plan and what I started to do before I thought to consult the masters at SF. I would appreciate it if you could critique and recommend.

What I was thinking of:
-Preowned suit: $100 - $200
-Tailoring: $75 - $125

-Preowned from eBay
-Solid gray/charcoal. Possibly dark blue. Possible faint stripes.
-Brand: Brooks Brothers 1818, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, ?, I would love more recommendations
-Semi-modern (something from the last 5 years)
-Good condition obviously

-Here is where I need the most help
-I have never had anything tailored before and am not very familiar with the process. (although I have read the guide here!)
-I am 5' 10" around 160 lbs with a lean athletic build.
-From trying on different clothes in stores, I believe I am a 40R jacket size with a 31"-32" waist with a 30" inseam.
!-When browsing used suits online, how close do they need to be to these measurements in order for them to be tailored?

So far this is everything I have thought of. Please give me your full and honest opinions and help me fill in any pieces I have left out. Or at least let me know if I am in the right direction and this is feasible.

Thanks for your time,
-Jake Butterworth


Aug 24, 2013
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(thread was not approved so it kind of got buried)

But anyway, I am going to a tailor tomorrow to take my measurements so I can buy something as close fitting as possible.
Any specific questions I should ask?

I also found these that helped me out some.
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