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    My personal bespoke tailor - Suit Master- (https://www.suit-master.com/) is planning a visit to Osaka, Japan this July (2016).

    He is based in Phuket, Thailand but travels all over the world to do custom fittings.
    He makes some of the best suits I have ever come across for great prices.
    He sent along a price list and asked me to help spread the word so that his first visit to Osaka goes well.
    He makes Mens (and womens) suits, ties, shirts and shoes.

    You can contact him at
    www.suit-master.com for more details.

    If you are like me, you have had a hard time finding any suits that fit you correctly. Off the rack suits end up costing as much as the suit itself just to get it tailored to fit decent, and you are still ending up with an off-the-rack suit that looks and feels as such.

    I know of quite a few Bespoke tailors in Osaka, yet the prices they charge are quite high compared to elsewhere (basically 2-4x as much as Suit Master).

    For example the latest suit I had made from a well known tailor in the Namba/Shin-saibashi area cost me ~$2500 USD for a 2 piece suit made with GOOD quality summer wool.
    From Suit Master, I had a 3 piece summer suit made with TOP line fabric, an extra pair of slacks and matching tie for ~$1000 USD.

    Here are the prices he sent along for his first (2016) Osaka trip.

    $300/ suit in Starter collection
    $ 450 - 550 in Superior collection
    $ 650 + in Executive collection
    $ 800 + in Presidential collection
    $ 1000 special of 2 suits + 2 shirts + 2 ties

    Suppliers of finest cloths from Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, Guabello, Vitale Barberis Canonico and more

    $ 55 regular shirt
    $ 95 premium cotton
    $ 125 luxury Italian cotton

    Suppliers of finest cloth from Soktas, Tessuto di Monti, Cavani and more

    For more details visit their site www.suit-master.com

    For your reference can see my review and other excellent reviews on tripadvisor :


    ---- I want to make a full disclosure that in NO WAY am I compensated for this post.
    I have just purchased 6 suits from him this year (along with 4 pairs of cotton slacks/vests and some extra wool vests for summer) and am very happy with the quality and price especially compared to what I normally have to spend for bespoke work in Japan.
    ---- I searched for ~2 years for good and affordable Bespoke tailors in Osaka, came across some really good ones but they charge 2-4x what I would pay elsewhere, before being recommended to Suit Master and taking a trip to Phuket to get a suit made.
    ---- I am trying to help him out only to help him get more business in Japan and therefore his trips to Osaka will be 1-2x per year which will help me out when I want to get my measurements updated etc..

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