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PSA: Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank sale


Senior Member
May 23, 2008
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Allen Edmonds is offering additional discounting for select shoes from their Shoe Bank in order to get rid of overstock.

About 4 models are discounted including the chili Weybridge and a wingtip. I visited the Port Washington Shoe Bank and picked up a pair of Weybridges. Firsts sell for $329, factory seconds at the shoe bank are ~$240, and their sale price is $179 until the end of October.

I talked to the sales-rep about why those particular models were on sale and if they happened with any regularity. His explanation was that the Weybridge and the other 3 models on sale are all very popular right now. This means more production which results in more factory seconds being made. When this happens corporate decides to discount the models in order to move stock.

I'm thrilled with my purchase. Got a pair of chili Weybridges for almost 45% off. The only discernible defect that I see is a slight chip on the right heel that will naturally wear itself out after a month of use.


Senior Member
May 18, 2008
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Just called them up and ordered a pair of Bel Air's, which I was told are overstocks/production excess, and not actual seconds. Sounds like many sizes are still available at the $179 price. Not sure if all are overstocks, or if some are seconds. I think the guy I spoke with was Jim-something. The 4 that are discounted were (I think. Don't quote me on this...):

Weybridge (Chili)
Bel Air (Walnut)
Jackson (Black and dark brown)
Clifton? (not quite as sure about this one)

Perhaps someone else can confirm the above. Was only interested in the Bel Air so wasn't paying much attention to the others.

Additionally, it sounds like everything, or most everything they have goes on sale this Friday for 20% off retail. The above 4 will still be $179 in whatever sizes are left. FWIW they still had 8D's in the Bel Air when I called today. Contact info here.

On a related note, might it be a good idea to start a unified thread for all AE PSA's? Has someone done this already.

unpainted huffheinz

Distinguished Member
Jan 8, 2008
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The Clifton in Brown has been discontinued, and I got a pair for $179 a few months ago. It's a cap toe blucher with a leather sole, which is fairly versatile. I need to get my pair into the regular rotation.


Distinguished Member
Apr 21, 2008
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Interesting....the SA, Jeff, told me that the Evanston was on sale.

In any case, this particular sale ended today...I managed to nab a pair of Bel Airs for me and a pair of Evanstons for my brother.

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