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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by polarcreamsoda, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys. i just received an invitation to a wedding in july thats in puerto rico and being an SF member, i started thinking about what to wear. ive never been to a destination wedding and rarely wear suits in the summer weather. im trying to think what types of patterns or fabrics i should stock up on prior for the wedding. the pieces i might purchase would definitely help convince me to wear them more often in the summers around boston.

    now, i know the most typical fabric is either linen blends or madras. you think a full suit of linen is more appropriate or some combination of trousers and blazer. im not completely sure if the wedding is going to be set on the beach or grass or whatever so i might have to flip flop around. im leaning towards a blazer and trouser with some light slip ons so i can go sockless.

    also, where can i find nice linen pieces right now? most places probably dont have them out yet im guessing. i also wear a 36r so that might limit my choices alot although ive been regularly going to the gym and mgiht need to bump up to a 38 soon.

    any thoughts on destination weddings and summer wear in general?

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