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Poll: pro cooks - do you sharpen your own knives?

Discussion in 'Social Life, Food & Drink, Travel' started by Thomas, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. kwilkinson

    kwilkinson Senior member

    Nov 21, 2007
    Glad you answered kwilk - what's your school's position about knife care? I read that you plan on doing it yourself with a waterstone, but - does the school offer to sharpen? Do they recommend an outside service? Or do they just say - here's your knives, keep them sharp or you fail.
    I haven't gotten a real "position" on it. They've told us how to do it properly between a stone and a honing steel. The school itself doesn't offer anything to sharpen, although they do have waterstones for display and demo that if you're in good with a chef you can use. Basically they show us how to do it on our own b/c of two reasons. 1) Using your knife 4 hours a day and then more than that once you get into the foodservice industry, it is very cost-effective to know how to do it on your own, and 2) b/c it's much more convenient to be able to do it in your own kitchen right before service starts than having to go somewhere else or to ship them off. I've never heard mention of any particular service. Mainly the tone was "sure, you can send it off if you want to save 5 minutes, but learn how to do it right yourself and save time and money."
  2. Jay-D

    Jay-D Senior member Affiliate Vendor

    Apr 17, 2008
    Seattle, WA
    I ran restaurants for several years and I was sous chef of El Gaucho, steak house in town. All of my cooks and myself sharpened our knives with a steel or stone. Approximately once a month, I had a local come in and sharpen all of the house knives and the knives of any of the cooks who wanted theirs professional sharpened.
  3. GQgeek

    GQgeek Senior member

    Mar 4, 2002
    I'm not a pro cook or chef. I just like food. I also like knives. There is something very relaxing about sharpening my knives, much like polishing a shoe. I think it has to do with the focus and concentration. This means my knives are pretty darn sharp. I use stones.

    I used to polish a lot, but I've been so exhausted with my schedule lately that I've gotten lazy with regards to that. Same with my knives. Gonna send them back to shun when I Take them out of storage i think.

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