Polishing just the shoe toes?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Bic Pentameter, Mar 5, 2004.

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    My father once told me that I really only needed to polish the toe of my shoe because the toe was the only part  that peaked out from the pant cuff.  I realize that there are reasons to polish all of the shoe,  but some folks do pay great attention to the toe in particular.  (In another thread, I think Mr. Bengal Strip suggested polishing the toes of black shoes with red polish.) Some pictures on the souliers link show toes polished to make the shoe nearly two-tone.  Is this particular to the owner, or do the shoe fans out there strive for this look?  http://www.souliers.net/php/dossier/...tt/white12.JPG http://www.souliers.net/php/dossier/...ett/white2.JPG Part of me wonders if  polishing the toe to such a glossy finish takes so much effort the owner doesn't have the gumption to get the whole shoe to look like that.  Any thoughts? Bic

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    I polish all of the shoe of course, but I also put a spit-shine (high gloss finish) on the toes of most of my dress shoes. The toe will usually look darker when you do this and the slight contrast looks good. It is also very practical as all but the most major scuffs can be quickly buffed out with a handkerchief (the one for blow.) The links you provided (at least the 1st one) show a shoe that has been polished with a different color on the toe though. I tried doing the whole shoe once, but the finish starts to crack up as soon as you put them on, and this does not look good. I do not know how they finish the Berluti shoes so that the finish does not crack. Does anybody know??

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