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Please help with first MTM shirt fit!


New Member
Dec 12, 2010
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Hey guys, after reading this forum daily for the past few months I've decided it's time I started dressing for my age (almost 30). So long band t-shirts and ripped jeans, hello proper clothes. Step one, new shirts.

I went with ModernTailor, since the $20 test shirt is a fantastic idea and a great way to dial in my measurements. I told them that, being a slim guy (6'2" and 150lbs soaking wet) I prefer a very slim european/soho fit. I finally received my sample the other day in the mail, and these are the results after washing and hang-drying.

These are my impressions:
- The hips should be made a bit wider as it's pulling around the bottom button. Conversely, the waist could use a bit more suppression, at least in the back (maybe darts?).
- When I cross my arms, it's incredibly tight in the underarms, back of shoulders and back. Would adding an inch or so to the chest fix this?
- There is something about the shoulders that isn't quite right, and it's highlighted in when I elevate my arms. It looks like the boxy torso/arm effect of a really cheap suit jacket.
- I am quite happy with the sleeves. Having slender arms, I always feel like OTR shirts are billowy and blouse-y so it was refreshing to have sleeves that actually followed MY arm. Does it look like they could use a bit more length though?

I've come to respect the opinions of those here on SF as you all have, for the most part, great style and a keen eye. I'd love to hear your ideas on how to adjust my measurement and what to tell MT so that my next shirts are fantastic and stylish.



Well-Known Member
Nov 21, 2010
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Congratulations on your first MtM shirt.

Yeah something wrong with those shoulders. And the forearms/cuffs look a little baggy for your "style". Keep in mind the fabric on the test shirts is usually awful so the fits are a little stiff.

Perhaps the armholes need to be higher, there should be a measurement you gave for that. Maybe also reduce the shoulder length a bit
The mid section fit is a personal style choice but I would maybe add an inch to the hips. It would reduce the tightness down there and give the top a more fluid drape?

A quick way to see what needs to be done is to fold over the placket in the chest/waist/hips. Thats usually close to 2in reduction (1in if giving half chest measurements) so that should give you an idea before you decide to reduce anymore. My recommendation is always find a shirt you like that fits your torso and give shirt measurements and appropriate sleeve lengths. It's very hard for a tired foreign tailor to know what a "soho" style should fit like, so best keep the style decisions with you.

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