[Please help for my project about eco-friendly denim product] How much will you pay for a premium de

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    Feb 24, 2016
    Hey guys, I am currently working on a project about creating new eco-friendly jeans featured 100% organic cotton and Japan natural indigo dye. It offers customers to create their own pair of jeans from undyed to finished. I am thinking of selling this product as a collaboration of global denim brand and a Japan indigo farm company. Tie dye, pattern or various indigo shades are available. There will be a high level of transparency of the maunfacturing process in a pop-up store. The price of a pair of jeans with dyeing material and workshop for dyeing tutorial is about £200- £250.

    This will be a concept for my uni project. Is there anyone interested in this product? Please common on the designed price and this idea.

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