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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Augusto86, Mar 16, 2006.

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    On an impusle, I purchased a black velvet Banana Republic blazer the other day on ebay, just shy of the $50 mark. Of course, it's insanely trendy, will probably become dated, and not the finest quality, but I've always wanted one, so I sprang for it.
    To my surprise, it's a much finer garment than I might have given it credit for. Since it's tags-on-new, I can't vouch for sturdiness, but it has a lot of neat little details.
    Hacking pockets, kissing buttons on the (non-functional) cuffs, nicely executed peak lapels, pickstitching(fake? I dunno), a ticket pocket, double vents(rare in America), and so forth.
    While many of these are sort of mass-market copies of 'real' tailoring, it's nice to know that student with a limited budget can get them for a reasonable price.
    So a good find in all, something to dress up an outfit now and again and to appear in at parties. I would have liked a midnight blue (already have a several-year-old purchase of a Benetton burgundy blazer), but I've always liked black more than some people.

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    Nicely done. I think one can find some nice stuff at BR providing the fit and price is right, ie on sale.

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