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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Blinds, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Jan 6, 2012
    Hey guys I've been lurking around the forums for a while but I've been wondering what the perfect summer shoe that fits both comfort and style. Style, not fashion. I'm looking for a shoe that would always be in style. From what I gather moccasins, loafers and boat shoes are staples for summer however it seems that people are wearing desert boots as well? I'm not sure if that's a trend, it seems odd to be wearing boots for the summer, however from a comfort point of view that would be nice, means I can wear ankle socks which are much more comfy than no show socks.

    With moccasins, loafers and boat shoes ankle socks would show and I would have to wear no show socks (I always have to wear socks). Also guys I dont know if this changes anything I have orthotics and am currently a college student. Also what colours would you guys suggest?

    I do want to be able to wear shorts as it can get very hot over here

    I know rockport isn't the most stylish of brands but I've been looking into their stuff, please take note that I am a college student and everything is outrageously marked up here in Sydney.

    Thanks guys, would love to hear everyone's opinions and suggestions :)

  2. Terrakot

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    Jan 26, 2012
    I would take the first one. I wear different Rockport shoes, it's good choice for that price range

  3. jamesny

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    Jul 26, 2011
    Il like navy so I'm going with navy.

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