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People do not care about clothes2

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ernest, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. ernest

    ernest Senior member

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    Jan 18, 2004
    I am always surprised to see how many people do not care about their clothes at all.

    Many just wear them to protect from cold.

    Many just buy "a brand" for making think they have money and taste and thus impressing people.

    I do not buy clothes to impress anybody.

    I like nice wool, fine cashmer, nice work on clothes...

    I do not care about brands.

    I buy if the quality is good, the price fair.

    Some brands are supposed to be a guarantee for quality, that's why I may prefer some brands to others (I will buy an H&K shirts and not a shirt from Pink).

    The only aim of life is pleasure.

    Clothes are one of the most important pleasure, simply because you are dressed 24/24 H.

    So how can people have pleasure with craps like Boss makes ? Worse, how can they pay more for their craps than what I pay for my nice garments?

    How can someone pays $70 for a simple cotton t-shirt with DIOR on it or pick up a Diesel jeans at $150 or Nike shoes at $150 ?

    How can this person find expensive a cashmer
    sweater at $700 or Lobb shoes at $900 ?

    Do you agree with my point of view?

    People are stupid and this is our chance as we can look better for not much money....

    If everybody was wearing Brioni suits, Weston shoes, JL watches, and cashmer jumper it would be less bargain during sales for aware people.

  2. drizzt3117

    drizzt3117 Senior member

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    Aug 26, 2004
    Orange County, CA
    You know what ernest? There's something called TASTE. People have different tastes in clothing, and that doesn't make them uninformed or stupid. Perhaps if you showed an uninformed shopper a Boss and Attolini suit, they would prefer the Boss suit on first glance. Even after you explained that the Attolini was better in every way (quality, construction, etc) they might prefer the Boss for the same price BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE WAY IT LOOKS MORE, even if it's not a good deal. I personally wouldn't be opposed to buying Boss/Baldessarini suits at the right price because I like some of the styling. Obviously I know my Brioni/Attolini/Belvest/Isaia/etc... are better constructed, but so what?

  3. Leo Jay

    Leo Jay Senior member

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Oh, good lord, people wear and buy what makes them happy, and whatever they can afford, according to their own informed or uninformed taste. It's just clothes, for chrissakes. If clothes important to them, fine. If not, fine. Who cares what other people wear?

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