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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by norcaltransplant, Feb 7, 2004.

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    Jan 29, 2003
    So after two years of Manhattanization, my closet is gradually becoming less conservative and more West Village/fashion victim. Otherwise, I've adopted a taste for obnoxious colored prints by Etro and Paul Smith. Today I was in heaven.

    Paul Smith, 5th Ave store.
    All remaining winter clothes~ 75% off.
    There was very little in my size when I arrived around 4ish... the sale began in the morning. I managed to grab a nice pair of cotton slacks for $65, a button down shirt with a newsprint design for 50, and a brown leather belt for $25. I really liked the jackets that were remaining, but didnt find anything in my size.

    The bluefly outlet store also had an interesting promotional sale--mostly crap, but I managed to rumage a bit and find a dunhill tie and RL PL polo (everything is $25).

    Shot my budget for the month and I still have the warehouse sale in late february...decisions, decisions.

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    Jun 10, 2003
    I meant to stop in the store last week and noticed they closed the Emporio Armani nearby. I wonder if business is bad for that line, or if it was just in a bad location (the Ladies Mile is basically mall chain stores). I may pop my head in there, but I am figuring that the stuff left is an extra large? The Bluefly outlet has been horrible since day 1, even late last year when they had that sale at the Chelsea hotel. The women's selection was better (found a few items that I ended up Ebaying), but people camped out early and the good stuff was gone. Barney's Warehouse sale starts Thursday and I find their pricepoints too high. I have found the markdowns in store to be comparable and too much old stuff at the Warehouse sale. I guess you are waiting till the end of the month to go when they take more drastic markdowns [​IMG] I usually go once early (if I see something I love I will buy it early) and once towards the end. Bergdorf's still has some items left from their sale, but very picked over, priced at 70% off. I spotted some Jil Sander sweaters marked down to $69 and some Theory shirts for $49. Have you checked out the Etro store on Madison Norcal? I presume it is heaven for a man with your taste.

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