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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by LA Guy, Aug 21, 2004.

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    TO answer a few questions, from this and other threads.

    This is the experimental line. They try to emulate things that would not occur in nature, but are nevertheless cool - like the shadow from a fence on a sunny day. Very expensive (the retail starts at around $350, and really for collectors rather than for day to day wear (not for me, since I am a user rather than a collector.)

    Also, the cuts used to be a lot slimmer - a 33 fit more like a 32, rather than the way the jeans are cut now, when the cuts are usually very... generous. I insist on wearing a 32 or 33, and am a true 33 (wear a 50 Eu in dresspants). The original jeans often used heavier denim, and somewhat more slubbed denim (a change I bemoan) and used to be higher rise (a change I welcomed.) The cut that is not hate LTD cut used to have 5 fly buttons, for example, instead of the current 3.
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    I went to Sak's in Vegas, and they one of the newer PDC jeans called "SLM." I liked them a lot, but the wash looked surprisingly cheap for Paper, and didn't want to invest $180 in something that I wasn't completely cool with. The denim, I might note, was also stiffer than most PDCs that I am used to.

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