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    Hello. I write for juncturemag.com, and our feature with Our Legacy is here:

    Here is the first page of the interview. Feedback is welcome:
    On a page on your website, your mission statement of sort says, "Every garment indeed has a soul, but never until you have filled it with yours." Can you talk about the construction of your garments as items that begin to reveal characteristics of their wearers?

    Richardos: That's a good formulation. We look at a garment as a product that you fill with cultural and personal value to become much more than just a product. To be able to do that, wear it in and make it into your own individual product, it has to be very well-constructed and made out of a very good materials. Otherwise it would break before it had the chance to get unique.

    While many may be aware of the excellence of Scandinavian furniture design, our readers may not be familiar with the Scandinavian tradition in fashion. Can you give our readers a simple version of your what's going on in contemporary menswear in that region of the world?

    Richardos: Hard question. I don't know the answer on that really. We don't see our product as something Scandinavian primarily. But I guess it's something raw and unpretentious in Scandinavian design in general that's always been there and now the rest of the world has opened its eyes to it. I actually think it's closely related to Scandinavian furniture design; it has the same thoughts, same spirit.

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