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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by fonsh, Aug 29, 2006.

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    This young kid keeps pestering the manager of an off-the-rack men's clothing store, looking for a job as a salesman. The manager keeps brushing him off but the kid won't give up. Finally the manager says to the kid : "Ok, I'll tell you what. You see that red-brown-beige plaid sports jacket over there? The one that's been hanging there for ten years now? You sell that and I'll give you a job." The kid says, "Great!", grabs the jacket and disappears. Two days later, he's back, without the jacket: he's all scratched to pieces, looks like he's been dragged behind a garbage truck, but he's happy, keeps yelling "I sold that jacket! I sold the jacket!" Manager says, "Got a receipt?" Kid shows him the receipt. Manager scratches his head and says, "Ok, kid, you're hired. But you gotta tell me: who'd you sell that jacket to? Looks like he bought it and then beat the s**t out of you. Must not have been too happy about it." Kid replies, "Oh, no, he loves it. But his seeing-eye dog was pissed..."

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