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On ‘over-dressing’


Senior Member
Mar 7, 2012
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Well now that the tread has been resurected let me add my two cent to the fascinating topic. A man should always dress for the occasion and the space he is working in. This mean that a factory worker should wear overalls as they are the most practical, same for a hard hats and high viz jackets on building sites, white overcoats in labs and waterproofs and rubber boots if you are a fisherman. That also means that if you work in an office where the dress code is business wear you should dress accordingly. I started following this forum a long time ago and have started my sartorial path in my mid 20s when I started working in the City of London. I worked for one of the biggest insurance companies in the world and I had to wear a suit and a tie every day, even Fridays. It is then I decided that if I have to wear this to work I will wear what I really lilke. SO I satrted buying better shirts, better shoes, nicer silk ties, better quality suits and sportscoats and so on. It was not overnight and it was a long process but I will always buy what I could afford (Tm Lewin, CT, Roderick Charles , Suit Supply , Ede And Ravenscroft and now bespoke.)

I have been managing teams in some of the FTSE top 50 companies and best law firms in the UK and US. I have never been in trouble for dressing up in nice fitting suits, quality shirts and shoes. All I ever got even from the CEO's was positive feedback and the bemoaning of the general low standard of dress in their companies.

You wearing a pin stripe suit will not offend anyone or rub anyone the wrong way as long you carry yourself with professionalism and respect to others maketh the man . All I ever of my team members is that they wear clean, well fitting clothes that show respect to their work and the the people they work with. I don't care about brands or materials but I have to say that a lot of them have started dressing better because I always wear a suit , a tie or jacket. Not for them but for me.

Sam H

Senior Member
Sep 21, 2012
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Mt. Vambrace:

Dear Mr. Vambrace: Thank you for your comments. We weren't aware that Goldman had abandoned propriety and proper business attire. Be that as it may, if so, it's sad and tragic. Goldman was once a bastion of correctness. You say that suit and tie are symbols of "danger and intimidation" ???? I think not. To WHOM are they "dangerous" ?? Fad (sloppiness) is not style..never will be. I'm American..born and bred, but I've travelled extensively, as perhaps have you. You'll notice that in many parts of the world, Europe , Great Britain..etc. many businessmen and people in general maintain proper standards of dress, conduct, dining etc. It is tragic that so much in my country...USA, has sunk to such depths. Quick story. One day recently, my secretary was walking down a street in Boston on her way back to the office. There was a girl (in her '30's), wearing ripped jeans ..T-shirt...unkempt hair etc. ..in other words a complete slob... leaning up against a building, playing with a stupid plastic cellphone, as if she were a zombie My secretary, (who knew exactly what she was doing), pulled out a $ 10 bill and offered it to the girl, saying .."May I help you to get a meal"? The girl was nonplussed. My secretary said, "Clearly you need help...just look at how you are dressed..you must be destitute ". The girl replied "I just paid $ 200 for these jeans" !!!. My secretary withdrew immediately her $ 10 bill and said.. " You don't need my $10...you have more money than brains". I was so proud of my girl! This is all best summarized by the phrase "Do not lower your standards to please those beneath you. Make THEM raise their standards to yours".
I used to troll the fidget spinner subreddit with similar “stories”. I hope this post is as fake and purposely out of touch as my spinner posts were.

Phileas Fogg

Distinguished Member
Feb 9, 2020
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I used to troll the fidget spinner subreddit with similar “stories”. I hope this post is as fake and purposely out of touch as my spinner posts were.
you know as soon as someone says “quick story” it will be anything other. But I do admire the use of the term nonplussed. Pretty good for trolling. Perhaps a recalcitrant English major.

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