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OLIVER CABELL - Official Affiliate Thread

Discussion in 'Former Affiliate Vendor Threads; a Locked Forum.' started by OliverCabell, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. OliverCabell

    OliverCabell Member Affiliate Vendor

    Sep 29, 2015
    Hi everyone -

    First, we’d like to say thank you. We’ve been quietly lurking around on Styleforum for over a year now, following your discussions and finding inspiration for everything from design to production. SF is an incredible community, and we’re excited to finally introduce ourselves and Oliver Cabell.

    My name is Scott Gabrielson, and I’m the founder of Oliver Cabell.

    Every idea starts with a problem. Ours came in 2015 while visiting a factory in Asia. At this factory we saw cramped female workers, earning $7 a day, gluing and sewing high-end leather goods and sneakers. One of the bags, which the brand claimed to produce only in Italy, cost under $100 to make. It sold for over $1,200 just down the road. We knew there had to be a better way, and set out with the lofty goal of creating an honest alternative.

    We believe that everyone deserves to know the story behind the goods they buy so we reveal it all, including the cost to make. We partner with the best factories, and visit them often. This hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure a factory’s integrity.

    We launched in July 2016, and were blown away by the response. We raised a bit of funding recently, and are now growing our team, products, and categories (more on this later).

    Below is a bit more about our inspiration, products, and factories.

    Inspiration: Deeply inspired by architecture and design, Oliver Cabell represents straightforward, functional and durable design that showcases only what is necessary - nothing more, nothing less. Behind our products is the philosophy that real luxury arises from the choices made - about what to subtract, and what should remain.

    Here are some photos of our collection:





    Craft: Shaped by intention, art and pure passion, our goods are handcrafted by artisans who put their love and attention into every product that passes from their hands to yours. All of our creations are generated under three standard rules: elegant, timeless, and quality.

    Our Factories:

    Artisan Factory (Est. 2009) - Marche, Italy


    Cotton Mill (Est. 1936) - Montappone, Italy


    Leather Tannery (Est. 1980) - Monte Urano, Italy


    Our team: At launch, Oliver Cabell represented a culmination of 0 years fashion industry experience. Instead, we relied on our experience in design and entrepreneurship to build an unorthodox team of young creatives from around the world with a shared passion for balanced design and beautiful products.

    What’s next.

    We’re starting a new chapter that we’re really excited about, and want to bring the Styleforum community along for the ride. We’ll be expanding into high-end sneakers this year (first time we’ve announced it), and want all of your feedback and questions (good and bad). We’re hoping the SF community can help us along this journey, from design to pricing and production. To show our appreciation we’ll be sending exclusive perks just for the SF community along the way.

    We’d love to hear your feedback and encourage any questions you have!




    PS – Story behind the name:

    In 2015 I came across a news story from the 1970s highlighting a heavy night out for actors Oliver Reed and Steve McQueen. I had been long inspired by the rebellious duo, who spurred a generation to take the road less traveled.

    In the 1960s Reed and McQueen played the characters Oliver Twist and Martin Cabell, and we combined the two and came up with Oliver Cabell.

    As for the night out? It turns out even the “King of Cool” Steve McQueen proved no match for the Oliver Reed life force. The story goes that McQueen flew to London to discuss a project. Putting business a side for a bit, the duo went on a marathon pub crawl, which resulted in Reed losing his lunch on McQueen. The project was never consummated.
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