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Cobbler Union

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Nov 17, 2017
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Sep 26, 2010
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Probably not the right place to ask, but does anybody have any advice for this situation I'm in?

So I bought a jacket back in June for ~$375 off of Saks Fifth. Then come December, when the jacket started showing up as cheaper on other sites, I e-mailed their customer service asking whether it'd be possible to return the jacket for a full refund (so that I could go ahead and re-buy the jacket off of another site; I made sure to specify "full refund" in my request).

In their response, they made it seem like it would've been possible (they didn't outright say yes or no either way, but were super apologetic and started the return process right away), so I assumed that I'd be getting all of my money back and gladly proceeded to pack the jacket up and ship it out.

Unfortunately, though, when I finally did end up getting my refund, it was only for ~$160.

Now I was aware that items sent back after 30 days would be refunded for the current selling price of the item, but I couldn't find the jacket on their site at the time. And in their original response, like I said, it seemed like I would've been getting the full refund regardless.

I've since sent another e-mail (which received no response), chatted online with an associate (they said that there was nothing they could do, and that it'd be better to call CS), and have just gotten off of the phone with another associate (who also said that there was nothing that could be done).

I mean, I guess it serves me right for being so cheap and stuff and always trying to get a better deal, but I feel like I was kind of duped by their original response. And I definitely would've just kept the jacket if I knew that I'd be getting less than half of what I paid back for it.

So do you guys think there's anything that can be done? I feel like I want to try calling again and asking for a higher-up this time, but I don't know if that'd really resolve anything.

~$200 isn't the end of the world or anything, but it would be a decent chunk of change if I could somehow get it back.

Thanks for reading if you did, and again, sorry that this isn't really the right place to ask.

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