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Odd Body Proportions - Help with Polos


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Sep 17, 2013
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Firstly, I'm totally new to this forum and fashion in general, tbh, so apologies in advance. I'm 18 and I only started making money a few months ago (I'm going to uni in two weeks). Like most people who suddenly come into relatively large sums of money (i.e. lottery winners) I blew a lot of it stupid crap: Air Jordans that I will never, ever wear; awful patterned shirts that fit awfully; and that's just the start of it.

Anyway, right now I want to totally refresh my wardrobe. I know I'm still young but I like the idea of dressing smart - not too smart, but I really hate the graphic T-Shirt + Random pair of jeans + worn out shoes look.

I'm looking to invest (and I do mean that, I want this wardrobe to last me for a good five years, say) in a durable, well-fitting range of Polo shirts, dress shirts and casual shirts, jumpers, jackets, jeans and trousers.

I'll break it up into a series of subquestions :

1. Polos: I love Ralph Lauren Polos and they fit fantastically except they're WAY too long for me (Classic Fit, Medium). I have a tiny torso (although I'm 6 foot), you see, so I look and feel ridiculous when I can't see my zipper because my polo is covering it. My torso measures 58cm from waist to collar so I'm wondering if there are any polos that would stop just a little below my belt buckle? I'd also like a good brand (Ralph Lauren is a bit chavvy where I live because of all the fakes, so perhaps Lacoste?). Really I'm just interested in them being long-lasting (no collar curling, no fading etc.), rich in colour and stylish (buttons and logo).

2. Shirts: I have quite a slim build and my back curves in quite a bit. Unfortunately, I've got a slight case of love handles so slim fit shirts are a little too tapered, and they also make my butt look huge because it sticks out due to my back curvature. So again, I'm wondering what kind of shirt would look good on me: I seem to be in between slim fit (too tight) and regular (too billowy). Any suggestions? And again, I'd prefer quite a thick cotton with winter coming up and durability once again.

3. I hate jumpers that cling to your waist. Any suggestions for jumpers that don't do that? Again, a nice brand would be appreciated and nothing too long, once again.

4. Jeans: I really just want a long-lasting pair of jeans. Mine wear out so quickly. I've heard Levi's are good but I've also heard they're making far cheaper goods nowadays so they're no longer as durable. What's a good brand for high quality denim?

5. Jacket: I'm also looking for a really special black jacket - preferably not leather. I like the harrington style and it goes well with polos and shirts imo, so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you to anyone who has bothered to read through this. Any advice at all would be appreciated, I really don't want to waste any more money, haha! But seriously, any comments would be great, even if they're just general comments to do with building a wardrobe.


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