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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by jrandyv, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Apr 5, 2006
    (See Tu/Thu for earlier postings) Another good day in New York so far; bright this morning, cloudy pm, rain tomorrow. Shopping on upper Madison; Tods, Borrelli, Barney, Joon for pens, Lobb, Hermes, Beretta, Paul and Shark, Weston, Malo, Piana, Jay Kos, Polo, and Peter Eliot. Good to see things in person or in some cases a wider selection than stores in Portland, SF, catalogs or online. For those who commented on my speed in seeing these, most of the shops are small boutiques. Surprised at the very small size of Kos/Eliot. Most of Barneys was too cutting edge for me-but interesting/also Malo. Can find Tods, Borrelli, Hermes, Piana at or near same in Portland at Marios or SF. Enjoyed Lobb (have 3 pairs), Paul and Shark (have quite a bit) and Joon (have Montegrappa) but already receive catalogs. Beretta stuff looks good, signed up for catalog; already receive British Sporting. Polo Mansion perfect setting but bothered, as with BB and Orvis yesterday, with significant amount of third world goods. Did confirm with looking both today and yesterday by preference of Lobb over Green, which looks to my eye to have a more tarnished/rough finish by comparison. Also found the Lobb museum finish less appealing than the normal.

    Re restuarants, Jean Georges last night was wonderful; food presentation was the best we've seen in all the travels we've done in US/Europe. Tonite Daniel.

    Portland OR

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