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    Jun 25, 2008
    Does anyone know a DECENT dry cleaner in Manhattan? I tried this Alpian's place, who in my opinion, is an over-hyped below-average cleaners. I recently dropped-ff 2 pair of Valentini's (one cotton/one cotton/silk twill). I was a new customer and the first thing they did was damage my twill pants and over-steamed them into shiny-land. I brought them back and after 10 mins. of them tryin the old, "it wasn't us" routine I started upping the volume of my voice so they took them back to tried and repair them. After picking them up a second time, they managed to fix the shiny spots, but the deep impressions they left on the twill slacks was too deeply imbedded. The whole thing ended with the female manager telling me to "sue them" if I didin't like the quality. She actually tried to tell me that the pants were bad quality because the pockets were sewn in too well...comedy show all around. Anyway, as a warning to everyone in Manhattan--DO NOT LEAVE QUALITY CLOYHING WITH ALPIANS...they do not even understand the difference between Valentini and Sergio's a scarey place. However, I do need to find a reputable, and reliable, cleaner in NYC to bring my Borellli, Attolini, Barba, etc... Does anyone have a suggestion? Grazie a mille!

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