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NWT Luciano Barbera Sartoriale DB summer suit 42R

Discussion in 'B&S Archive' started by mtf, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. mtf

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    Mar 5, 2005
    Catharpin, VA
    I picked this up at Marshalls a little while back and have been torn between keeping it and passing on a good deal. I'm more of a sportcoat guy than a suit guy so I sadly wouldn't do this suit the justice it deserves [​IMG]

    It is a 70% cotton summer suit. It actually feels like the other 30% is tencel but the remaining fabric is unlisted. The jacket is quarter lined, double vented and the shoulder basting is still attached. There is also a boutteniere under the lapel buttonhole. The concensus is that Attolini makes LB's Collezione Sartoriale suits. The cut of this suit is very close to my Attolini except for the shoulders which aren't attached like a shirt and have even less padding than my Attolini. The handwork is very good but not quite up to Oxxford's or Attolini's own jackets. You can see the pic stitching best in the blown up image of the sleeve.

    The slacks are unhemmed, double pleated and lined to the knees. The pic stitching can be seen in the blown up image of the pockets.

    Measurements (taken via A Harris' eBay method)
    Shoulder - 18.75"
    Sleeve - 25"
    Length - 31.25"
    Chest - 45-46" depending how you measure
    Slacks waist - 36"

    While giving the suit a thorough lookover during posting this I noticed a .5" tan "thread" exactly 2" under the left armpit from the suit's sideseam towards the chest. I think the loom pulled a tan thread when weaving the herringbone-like fabric. It looks like a light wrinkle when staring right at it from 3' away. In the countless times I tried the suit on in front of the mirror while debating whether to keep it I had never noticed the thread. Neither had my girlfriend and she's more of a perfectionist than I am. It's under the sleeve where those wrinkles are in the half-jacket photograph. Check out the photo of the thread.

    $425 shipped to the states. Email me for international shipping rates. No refunds unless I mismeasured so please compare this suit's measurements against one you know fits you well.

    (click on the pics for larger images)





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