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NWT Epaulet Baby Camel Hair Size 40

Discussion in '2011-2017 Streetwear' started by stevent, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. stevent

    stevent Senior member

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Picked this up on the new website sale, unfortunately the weller fit doesn't work too well for my rounded / thick shoulders. Fabric is ridiculously amazing, check the Epaulet thread.

    Fits very true to size for a slim 40. Received the jacket with a small tear in seams on back, see photos. Easy fix.

    Epaulet description and measurements:
    We're thrilled to present the Weller sportcoat, our premier half-canvassed sportcoat/suit jacket. Made for Michael Kuhle of Epaulet by Southwick in Massachusetts, the Weller imparts classic style, a handsome natural shoulder, quality workmanship, and understated elegance. This "Anglo-American" piece represents our favorite elements of both British and American tailoring.

    The Weller’s basic features include 3-roll-2 styling (where the top button sits as ornament and rolls away for the second button to be fastened), double rear vents, slim notch lapels, royal purple full lining and purple felt undercollar, and Southwick’s superb half-canvassed construction.

    This piece is crafted in 100% Genuine Loro Piana baby camel hair. A proper camel sportcoat is a timeless menswear staple, and it easily works into any wardrobe. Dressed up with trousers or worn casually with jeans, it's an easy way to add a serious dose of elegance to your style. Which brings us to the fabric...

    A bit about baby camel hair-
    A camel’s coat consists of two parts: the coarse and strong outer-hair, which tends to be used for carpets and upholsteries, and the softer under-hair used in textiles. Camels naturally shed their hair in the Spring and its then collected by hand. The finest and softest hair comes from younger animals. Baby camel hair is the result of many years of cultivation through selective breeding and is coveted due to its softness and fine micron.The fiber staple length is very long, which reduces pilling and increases the fabric’s strength and softness. The natural fibers are breathable, undyed, and hypoallergenic.

    Baby camel hair is nice. But Loro Piana baby camel hair is stunning. For the past six generations, Loro Piana has been the world's premier source for the finest in menswear fabrics. This cloth is no exception. Not only does this sportcoat look great, it is incredibly soft and gives off a gorgeous natural luster. Pair this with Southwick's construction and our razor-sharp "Weller" fit, and you have a truly killer piece. We hope that you love this sportcoat as much as we do!

    "Southwick for Michael Kuhle" is an exclusive capsule collection for Epaulet. Designed by Michael Kuhle, these jackets are a perfect match with our collection and philosophy. Each piece is hand-crafted in the United States in gorgeous European fabrics. The fit corresponds with our in-house shirting line, matching our signature "slim but not skinny" silhouette; and like our other Epaulet pieces, these jackets offer superb quality, classic style, and long-lasting durability at a very fair price. We're confident that you'll be as delighted with these pieces as we are.

    Half-Canvassed Construction
    Traditionally, men’s suits were constructed with a layer of horsehair canvas underneath a wool fabric shell. The canvas holds the shape of the suit and keeps it from sagging or deforming, serving as a foundation. The canvas is cut to the jacket’s shape, and then the wool is stitched or glued to the canvas. In a half-canvassed jacket, the key areas, i.e. the lapels, shoulders and chest are hand-stitched, which allows them to move and shape around your body. This gives the jacket a proper drape and lapel roll as you walk, sit, and even dance. Or, as Southwick themselves so eloquently put it: “your clothing should look like you, not us.” Proper half-canvassing also insures that your jacket maintains its shape and sharp lapels through repeated wear and cleaning.

    Canvassing is a labor intensive and expensive process. Half-canvas construction ensures that all the critical parts of the jacket are solidly built and ensures a proper fit and drape.

    Sizing on the Caine and Weller Sportcoats are true to size and generally consistent with our in-house Epaulet shirts. The size chart below illustrates how they match up. This is an approximation, as tailored clothing can't be cut identically to shirting. Generally, most customers who wear an Epaulet medium will get a solid fit in a 38 jacket. However, if your Epaulet shirt fits you very slim, or you have broad shoulders for your build, then we recommend ordering the next size up. The fit in the shoulders is crucial - the chest and body can easily be taken in if need be.

    Please note that each jacket has approximately 1 inch of seam allowance in the sleeves that can be let out, and 1 inch of seam allowance in the chest and body. Many customers will find this to have a great fit "off the rack." However, it's common for a proper sportcoat to require a little bit of tailoring to fit exactly right. This is a solid item and you'll find that quality tailoring is worth the investment.

    Asking price of $370 includes shipping as well as fees. PM if you need details.

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