no such thing as a half-tailored suit

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    Sep 28, 2004 "Brioni's ode to tailoring \t - Suzy Menkes \t Friday, January 21, 2005 In perfect synch, 14 tailors stretched out cloth on an ultra-long table and began an operatic process of laying pieces of pattern. As the classic music rose to its crescendo, the skeletons of three Brioni suits in different sizes were complete, the master tailor chalking the seam lines. . In a fashion week when the formal suit has made a powerful comeback, it was smart of Umberto Angeloni, CEO of Brioni, to create this imaginative ode to exquisite tailoring. With the vast space, with a modernist mosaic as a backdrop, Angeloni was re-creating in Milan his tailoring school and workshop in Abruzzo, in central Italy, which keep alive the tradition of hands-on tailoring. Why can't a computer take over the complex manual task of giving birth to a suit? . "Not even the lining is cut by computer - it's a philosophy," says Angeloni. . "There is no such thing as a half-tailored suit."

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