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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Rapheal1216, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Hi all SF'ers. This is my 1st post. Im kind of new here, i've been lurking here and there and decided to join. I'm looking to improve my wardrobe by 1000% this year as I have aquired a new job position as head of a media company in the city. Huge jump in careers means I must have even better fashion! Im an artist meaning some days I do the office role and others its a limo ride to the studio where I have to get paints and dirt on me so stepping up my choice of attire will be fun! I'm generally in a casual outfit, fitted button up shirt where I evenly roll the sleves up almost to my elbows, semi fitted denims (dark hard pressed) and dress sneaker/shoes.

    I mainly am here to keep up with newest fashion ideas and style along with learning a thing or two about materials, fits, brands, combinations and where to go to pick up some threads. Feel free to school me.. Not roast me when i ask questions about things. Thanks for having me here


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    hmmm, 1000% seems ambitious. Maybe we can help you 100%, but after that you'll have to figure things out for yourself mkay?

    resist the urge to post for a while, read and look at the pics for a few weeks and you'll probably get the hang of this whole 'style' thing.

    assume that you'll buy stuff at first that people here will roast you for... get some thick skin, assume we generally know what we're talking about, and realize it's in your best interests. Keep posting fit pics and asking questions ** see above point again.

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    Never compromise Ralph, shoot for 1000%. Remember; clothes make the man not the other way around.

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