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    I think this deserves its own thread as I did not find anything relevant in the first page of thread here in this sub-forum.

    Managed to change up my home desk again and now need a comfortable chair to sit and study / surf the internet on.

    I tend to hunch forward a lot so my first preference is something that will give me some great back / lower back support. Originally, because I'm at a desk job up to 12 hours a days at times, I had a standing work station when I got home. I quickly realized it did not help with my productiveness and made the change recently back to sitting position. I also ended up leaning with my left elbow on the table :embar:

    After the change I now have enough space for a desktop monitor, "filing cabinet" as well as a sliding desk for my keyboard / books, and other essentials. It is basically a 2 layered desk where the bottom can move in and out more space, and save space when not in use. Both items were from Ikea and this was something I had been thinking about putting together for awhile. Another DIY workstation.

    Going back to the desk chair, does anyone have any suggestions on makes, designs, styles? I checked out local Costco and the most costly at $200 did not seem worth it. The chair was well cushioned. I can get to an Ikea as well as and test out their chairs, or I was thinking about having one ordered per suggestions here.

    Thoughts? I am looking for more function than style so keep that in mind. It can be the ugliest chair ever but as long as my butt and back are happy, it's all good. Just putting that out there since this is Styleforum.


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