New College Grad That Needs Help Defining Style

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by brooksbrah12, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Hi all,

    So I'm a recent college grad looking to get into the corporate finance (not i-banking btw, just working in finance at a company) or accounting world and I'm in need of redoing my wardrobe as it is currently filled with cargo shorts, American Eagle/Hollister shirts/tees that are just not appropriate anymore for someone my age.

    However, I'm having trouble defining what style of clothing best suits me. A lot of my friends know that they are preppy, so by default they shop at Ralph, Brooks, J Crew, etc. but I feel like I'm a hybrid of a lot of things. I do enjoy a lot of preppy items, for example, I own am building up a collection of ralph/brooks polos, I prefer Khakis/slacks to jeans, I wear boat shoes, etc. but I really don't like wearing very bright colors which is typical of a prep. I prefer wearing darker, more traditional colors like navy blue, beige, black, gray/charcoal, etc. and only like things like lime green, bright yellow, etc. for polos during the summer or as a sweater for layering (although sweaters would more likely be argyle). I can also never see myself wearing those bright nantucket red, green or other combination and mostly see myself as a person who wears jeans, chinos in colors like the aforementioned gray, navy, etc. and then slacks in the traditional colors along with classic patterns like pinstripes and maybe a subtle plaid. I also will make white and light blue shirts the dress shirt staple with subtle colors tossed in here or there, but I feel like I'm all over the place and don't really know what stores to start at.

    The other issue is that I don't know where to shop at. I'm from Oregon and we have very limited shopping options and limited discount retailers that offer expensive brands at cheap prices. I could shop online but then sizing becomes a problem and I don't know how to overcome this since measurements can be misleading. Furthermore, I'm a young professional so I can't afford really expensive brands like Burberry. I own a good amount of Polo Ralph Lauren and Brooks, but even though these are more affordable, I can't afford a ton of stuff from them and had to buy it at heavy discounts. So based on my style preferences that I listed above and my limitations, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions in terms of what stores I should shop at? I know a lot of this that I stated is pretty vague so I can be more detailed if specific questions arise.

    Thanks and sorry for the long post

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    Welcome to Styleforum

    Develop your personal style, then go here:

    Consistently 60 to 70% off PRL and Brooks Brothers. Sometimes more.

    If you like Brooks Brothers and Polo and Burberry, you can also try:

    J. Crew
    J. Press
    Hackett (basically the British equivalent of Polo)
    Corneliani (maker of Polo suits)
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    Having a more hybrid style is not bad in itself. Just figure out what you like and have your own style. For a young professional you might need to follow some more stricter dressing rules while at work and put more money into building a business wardrobe rather than expand your casual look.

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    That is basically the point of the business.

    People probably could direct you to online retailers likely to fit you if there were pictures and measurements in this thread.

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