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New business wardrobe question


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Jan 20, 2011
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I just got hired by a Management Consulting firm that requires wearing a suit and a tie for work. I bought 3 Ralph Ralph Lauren suits. They are 2 button, slim cut, with flat front pants, as I'm looking for "modern" look. I went with black leather balmoral captoes (I've read here they are the most appropiate type for business). The colors I got are solid charchoal, pinstripped navy, and pinstripped gray.

Are the black shoes appropiate with the navy suit? I was thinking of buying a pair of cordovan shoes to go with it. I own also black slip ons that would be of great help when going through airport security, but are this too sloppy for business attire?

My other question is about shirts and ties. I prefer medium or semi-skinny ties, and thinner knots like the four-in-hand, as opposed to the windsor. Is this more modern looking, or should I stick with the windsor (the lapels are kind of thin)? This brings me to the other question about what kind of collar should I be looking for: pointed, medium spread, or wide spread? I was thinking more in the lines of medium spread, maybe even a few pointed collars.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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Sep 8, 2010
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Sounds like you've started out on the right foot. If I had to nitpick, I'd say you should have gotten one more solid in navy or mid-grey rather than two pinstripes to start with, but it'll all even out once you flesh out your wardrobe a bit more. (To be honest, you're in better shape than I am with suits, though I don't need much as an educator.)

I'd say the black shoes are fine for everything you've got, but a pair of dark brown oxfords (perhaps punch-cap or quarter-brogue) would also work with the navy pinstripe as long as your workplace isn't super conservative. As for the slip-ons, someone more knowledgeable than I would probably have something more to say.

If you prefer narrow ties with narrow knots, a narrower spread (medium or point) is definitely the way to go. SF likes to harp on the idea of the collar points disappearing under the jacket lapels, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply in the case of a point collar. Just make sure they have some decent length to them.

Sanguis Mortuum

Distinguished Member
Jul 2, 2006
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Originally Posted by francisco_bt
Are the black shoes appropiate with the navy suit? I was thinking of buying a pair of cordovan shoes to go with it.

Black shoes go fine with navy, though you should probably still get the cordovan as well just so you can rotate between both pairs instead of wearing the same pair every day. I would normally avoid slip-ons with suits, though it depends what type they are; you may be able to pull of a nice brown penny loafer with a suit, but a more 'fashiony' slip-on would not be recommended.

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