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Need shoe recommendation close to these styles


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Oct 20, 2010
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While I'm definitely far from loaded I have a date next week with someone who has no money and the last thing I would want to do is make her feel bad or uncomfortable with a shoe selection that came across as overdressed or dressing nicer than her.

Problem is my modest shoe collection really just covers each extreme. I'm looking for the type of shoe that probably wouldn't work with a suit but would look great with nice jeans worn to a semi-nice restaurant/club.

The things I like about these 2 styles that I would want are black leather that's not shiny, look well made and expensive but at the same time are also understated. I guess basically just cool versions of classics with a little extra style and edgyness, but also don't appear busy or to be trying too hard.

I'm not sure who makes the shoes in the first 3 pics, they were in a theory clothing ad at Neiman Marcus and would work great with what I'm wearing.

The shoes in the last 2 pics are from Dolce & Gabbana at Saks and would also work great, my size is gone which is probably a good thing since they were $800. I really like the color of the leather and the design of the cap toe, I'm not crazy about the eyelets but they would look great from above with jeans. And when seated with the whole boot showing if anyone gave me any trouble I could always joke they were from the 3 Stooges line, designed by Curly.

If anyone could I.D. the shoes in the first 3 pics or give recommendations/post pics of similar styles that would work I would really appreciate it, thanks!



Stylish Dinosaur
Jul 15, 2009
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Don't wear boots on a date, especially those ones. Most similar to your first pic -C&J Merton:
I prefer the C&J Boston:
Then again, you won't be able to get these shipped to the US in time for PediWear/Bodiley's prices. Brooks Brothers Peal loafers? (Could have had these for $450 earlier this month during the sale)

Will C.

Senior Member
Oct 4, 2010
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Black loafers in the evening are fun, I've come round to the idea though I used to hate the very consideration of black loafers. Loafer = relaxed but smart, black = harmonises with the night.

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