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Need help on the perfect wedding shoes

Mar 21, 2019
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Hello all,

I am looking for a new pair of dress shoes to wear for my upcoming wedding in November.

The specifics of my suit aren't finalized yet but I do know that it will be a medium shade of gray. So I would like to go with a light-ish brown pair of dress shoes.

Up to this point, I have mostly owned the likes of AE and Aldens. However, I am interested in branching out to perhaps an English pair of shoes since the quality seems to be a step up. The problem is that I live in the states so finding places to try on/buy some of these brands are a bit of a challenge.

That being said, I am completely overwhelmed by the options so far and could use some guidance.

For clarification, here is where I stand on various brands (I have sort of listed them based on alleged quality, starting with the top):

Edward Green: Beautiful, amazing shoes. Their Chestnut Chelseas are right down my alley:


However, I'm not sure that I want to spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes right now.

John Lobb: Very attractive shoes but I can't seem to find any that are in the lighter browns. They are also pretty pricey. However, there is a store in Houston, TX (which is about 3 hours from me) which would give me a chance to try some on. But the fact that I don't see any in the color I'm looking for takes them out of the running.

Crockett & Jones: I am really digging these and they seem to be a step down from EG and JL in terms of price point with little (if any) sacrifice in overall quality. The favorites that I have come across:


I am trying to determine if the higher price for the Hand Grade Collection is worth it or if I would be content sticking with something from their Main Line Collection. The price difference is around 200 dollars. The other issue is that I have no idea where to find these locally to try them on.

Vass: I really like these:


But the same problem as above. I don't know where to try them on at locally. According to their website, the only US distributor is No Man Walks Alone in NYC. But I looked at No Man Walks Alone's selection online and nothing jumped out to me.

Alfred Sargent: They have a lovely selection. The Pendle, Portland, and Hunt stand out in particular.


But same problem. Where to try these on/buy them at?

Tricker's: Similar styles as above. Wiltshire, Hamilton, Belgrave. But not sure if these are on the same level as C&J?


Carlos Santos: Not english but some people have mentioned that they are great quality for the price point. Really love various shoes in their "braga" color


But again: no stores around me. Also, I'm not sure if they are on the leve of the English shoes mentioned above.

I looked at some other brands but you get the general idea of the style that I'm going for.

Any advice? Recommendations on being able to find the proper-fitting pair and having them shipped to the states?

Thanks in advance!


Distinguished Member
Mar 17, 2008
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You can try Edward Green and Crockett and Jones on in Houston, too. Sid Mashburn sells both, and Brooks Brothers does, too (although I'm not certain the BB store has any Crockett and Jones at this time, but it did last time I was there a couple of years ago).
Mar 21, 2019
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Try Ludwig Reiter. The same tradition as Vass.
I am a satisfied customer:

The same issue as other brands. I live in Texas so finding places to try these on can prove challenging.

You can try Edward Green and Crockett and Jones on in Houston, too. Sid Mashburn sells both, and Brooks Brothers does, too (although I'm not certain the BB store has any Crockett and Jones at this time, but it did last time I was there a couple of years ago).
Good to know that Sid Mashburn sells both. Although Edward Greens are out of my budget right now, it would be neat to see some in person. Also, I looked on their site and didn't see any Crockett & Jones for sale? Does Sid simply re-label these under their own brand name?

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