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Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by MediumTex, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Hi all. Up front, I fully acknowledge that this may be the most obvious question in the history of questions, but I'll ask it anyway.

    Does a narrower shoe last necessarily equate to a narrow shoe? I'm looking at a Meermin shoe on the Hiro last, which is on one of their narrower lasts. Does that mean that a shoe on the Hiro last would fit better or more snugly than a shoe on, say, their Ben or Rui lasts?

    I'm typically a 9C and, since Meermin doesn't appear to offer "traditional" widths like C, D, EE, etc., I'm wondering if that's how I decide which shoes would work for me.

    I'll sit down now.

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    Yes, a narrower last will result in a narrower shoe, all other things being equal. The upper is stretched over the last, so the shape of the last and the shape of the shoe are directly related.

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