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My Personal Restaurant Service Pet Peeves! Agree or Disagree?


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Aug 22, 2010
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1. Ask if you have been there before? (Especially if you have, it's irritating and a time waster).

2. Make comments about what you order whether good or bad, by basically putting their opinion into what you are ordering. It's not your business and it's not nice, so don't go there unless specifically asked to. Even if it's a positive thing, you aren't acting as if that were you being hungry and thirsty by delaying the customer from ordering their food. “That’s my favorite” doesn’t mean anything to me since we all like different things. I don’t care if it’s your favorite, goodie for you it’s your favorite, that doesn’t mean it’s mine. Especially if I have had it a zillion times, do I care about what *YOU* think of it, HELL NO I don’t!

3. Take your glass instead of get you a new one for a refill.(That means I am left without anything to drink for that time period, especially if I have food in front of me.)

4. If you are sitting at the bar or table that the bartender or server refills your ice melted glass without dumping out the old watery ice in the glass first.(Common sense I don't want watery coke for example.)

5. Refills your glass of tea at the table. It would be nice to not have a watery glass of tea and a nice, clean glass.(Common sense again.)

6. Gives you your check when they didn't ask if you wanted it.

7. Wastes time writing their name and "thank you" on the check or even draws stuff. What a waste of time.

8. Gets your dirty dishes or any objects first before going to get what you asked for such as your check when you want your check. Common sense I want to leave, so get what I do want before worrying about clean-up work. If it's a refill, common sense I am thirsty, duh, get me my refill first. Why are servers so uncaring about customer's time they'd rather favor objects over people? Don't you think your tip will be altered when the customer waits longer for what they asked for?

9. Servers that put lemon in your water or tea rather than on the rim of the glass or on the side due to that seeds can get into your drink and/or you just may not even want lemon.

10. Auctioning off drinks and/or food when your server is the one that took the order. The servers should be going down the line from a starting point and make sure the food goes in front of the correct person. The only way the server has a good excuse to mess up on this is if the customers switched spots, because then I could see not knowing, but most servers are too lazy today to compare their written orders to what is in their hands, the plates of food or glasses of drinks. Once, I had a waitress in a party of 4 auction off drinks. I was like, how stupid and lazy can she be? 4 drinks, when she wrote them down even as to how lazy she was to make us state who had what drink. That's not our job, that's our server's job.

11. Servers that ask you to remind them when you have modifications like adding some condiments. NO, you remind yourself by your written order. Those servers didn't even want to write the stuff down they were so lazy. I have had 4 servers over the years ask me that.

12. Servers that assume things like you want your check just because you ask for a box or assume you want another refill or assume you are going to always share appetizers, etc.

13. Servers that assume change is theirs when the customer never told them to keep it.

14. Servers that you don't know start trying to make a conversation with you before you get to place your order. Common sense would be we are hungry and thirsty, please let us order!

15. Servers that don't apologize when a mistake happens that are theirs.

16. Servers that blame someone or something else for their mistake.

17. Servers that walk away too quickly when they come to see how you are doing that you can't ask them for everything you need.

18. Servers that only ask 1 person if they need anything, but not anyone else at the table.

19. Servers that don't write down orders.

20. Servers that don't write down parts of orders, only some, but not all.

21. Servers that assume things such as bringing a ketchup bottle when you didn't ask for one that everyone likes ketchup when they could have just simply asked you when they took your order.

22. Servers that bring out obvious mistakes when they don't compare their written orders or tickets to the food.

23. Servers that don't go in order in which requests came in so you sit wait 5 minutes for your check when they voluntarily decided to check on other tables or even worse, gone to buss an empty table with lots of dirty dishes.

24. Servers that don't take "no" for an answer trying to convince you to get a dessert for example. That's aggravating.

25. Servers that don't know the menu, that you even know more about the menu than they do.

26. Servers that bring you what they want when they are out of something instead of asking you first.

27. Servers that just don't know how to take an order such as you say you only want cheddar cheese, lettuce, and onions only on a chicken sandwich that comes with on the menu lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mixed cheese, but they actually ring it in as extra cheese(adding cheese) when you were just substituting cheese, not saying you wanted extra cheese, which means they put in the order wrong as well as overcharged you. Some servers are too stupid to know how to taken an order. A person doesn't have to say "substitute" if they are already stating they only want one type of cheese. Some servers just don't have common sense, it's true. They aren't listening or reading the menu to know what they are serving you all because they are too lazy to do so and they just don't care, but yet, they want that money at the end.

28. Servers that don't write down requests such as a box, a bag, the check, a refill, etc. They are just too lazy and don't care if they remember what you said.

29. Auctioning off food if you aren't the server that took the orders as far as what table you are going to. There should be a table number on the ticket and some diagram of the restaurant. Don't be so lazy as to not make sure you are taking the food to the correct table to not interrupt other tables as well as you may end up giving the wrong table food first that was not first and/or made the wrong way, which it's very possible a person that has a food related allergy is served the wrong one, that can mean something serious for that customer, so think if that were you.

30. Servers that don't give you the amount of condiments you asked for.

31. Servers that don't notice you don't have any utensils or even napkins even.

32. Servers that order for you without your consent or permission to such as bringing you a refill without you ordering it or being asked for it or even getting you a glass of water you didn't order without asking first.

33. Servers that when you ask for your check and a dessert, they wait until the dessert arrives or even after to give you your check when they were fully in control of giving you your check that you did ask for when you ordered your dessert which is well before the dessert arrived.

34. Servers that don't ask you if you want your side salad before the appetizer arrives when side salads do take much less time to prepare than appetizers do.

35. Servers that serve you food that don't try their best to make sure an obvious errors aren't on the plate or even servers that don't even know what table they are giving food to, especially when it's the server that took the order. Some servers are too lazy to verify anything.

36. Servers that just don't have common sense such as you have an empty glass and don't even bother to ask if you need anything to even offer even.

37. Servers that don't give you a straw or extra napkins.

38. Servers that ask one person that is a fast eater if they want dessert that is finished their entrée when you are still eating your entrée. The server should just ask if they want anything else, NOT a dessert, because that makes the other person feel like a slow eater and they would have to rush to finish.

39. Servers that don't bring out appetizer plates out BEFORE the appetizer comes out so then you have to wait to get them, sometimes several minutes.

40. Servers that tell you instead of *ASK* you if you want a refill by saying “I’ll get you another coke” rather than asking you. It’s not their call to make. I almost want to say “NO, you won’t get me another coke, you ask if it’s OK with me to get me another coke.” I don’t say that, but sure do want to. What's what the "CONTROL" issues?
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Oct 7, 2007
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You're psychotic.


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Nov 27, 2009
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So: terrible customer, Aspergers, or both?


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Aug 22, 2010
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Maybe you should just try being a server

Why? I already have a good office job. What does that have to do with the way I would serve? I would serve the way I preach and you know it. I am a hard worker. My very first job at a donut shop/diner I got a raise within just a month and a half of 35 cents more an hour from min. wage $5.15/hr min. wage was at the time to $5.50/hr. I am not like most people. I don't like to be bored and do nothing. I am a person that creates work. At one of the office jobs I have held, when the server was down, I vacuumed the office. How many people do that? Not many and you know it. Everyone else just about was chit chatting and doing nothing. I bust my ass at my jobs. I am not lazy at my jobs.

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