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    For a belated Christmas present, my sister took me for lunch at Per Se, Thomas Keller's restaurant in New York. Her friend's fiancee is a waiter there, which allowed us not only a reservation, but some special service too. It was absolutely incredible - I've eaten at a lot of restaurants, and this one really stood out.

    From the opulent room (something like 16 tables in total, all overlooking Central Park), to the flawless service (formal without being stiff, friendly, extremely knowledgable, impeccably mannered and attentive without being even slightly annoying), to the presentation (many of the serving dishes were designed specifically for a presentation) to the 18 courses, including 8 dessert courses, I was stunned. Almost every bite was an epiphany - and many courses were no more than a single bite. The wines were perfectly paired: champagne, sake, a couple whites, a red and a dessert wine.

    Has anyone else been?

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    I'm very fond of Per Se. It and its sister restaurant (The French Laundry) are my favorite restaurants in the US, and perhaps the world. They have great service and outstanding food. My only complaints about either restaurant is that it can be difficult to get a reservation, and they charge $75/btl for corkage, and their wine list (at Per Se) is not as good as some other restaurants in its class (although it is improving) I would highly recommend it. I think FL is a little bit better than Per Se in terms of quality of food and the wine list, but the ambiance and view at PS is unbeatable. One thing to keep in mind is that the either restaurant will be substantially better if Keller is there at the time.

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