My First Tux.

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Bortelli, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Hey everyone. I'm attending my senior prom in a month and I DO NOT want to RENT a tuxedo. I have a pair of nice shoes, and I can substitute for the white shirt.

    I heard some horror stories on the forums of tuxes that are ill fitted, notch lapels, all that nonsense.

    I also heard some great suggestions. Apparrently brooks brothers has lightly used tux's.

    My budget is about 150 to 300$. I am a pretty slim guy, 130lbs, and 5ft 11. So Im somewhat tall.

    Some criteria to consider:

    no vent
    classic look
    not so shiny fabric
    slim cut
    pants (prefer flat) separate (a standard 6" drop will not work for me)
    no overstuffed shoulders (mine are plenty broad already)
    thin pocket square!

    I know this is asking a lot for a tux, especially on this budget, but anything's possible right? I just dont want to look like a gigantic tent. D: Im willing to spend slighlty more than my budget.
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    "I am a pretty slim guy, 130lbs, and 5ft 11."

    That with "broad" shoulders spells trouble. What is your jacket measurement?

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