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    Hello everyone

    I was initially going to acquire an Allesandro but the Andy in demesures caught my eye. I wear a size 10.5 UK which is 11 US I think.
    Such a beauty. A sight for sore eyes.
    I learned 2 things that day though.
    Firstly, newer models have started coming in darker colors.
    I noticed this because I am sorta (very) anal. I want a perfect item. So I asked the SA to bring out all Andys in brown in my size. There were 2 shades. A very dark and a light'ish.
    When I inquired about how this was, the SA said that newer models are coming in darker colors. When I asked how he know they were new, he said by the batch code on the inside of the shoe. Mine is from 2013 or 2012. These were lighter. The ones from 2014 and 2015 were darker.
    The batch code is 4 digits
    The first and third digits correspond to month and second and fourth the year.
    Finding matching socks was a nightmare.

    The west match socks to pants

    So socks are available in the usual color of pants.
    Black, grey, charcoal, navy blue...
    This color of brown doesn't seem common for pants.

    We match socks to shoes with what we wear.



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