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    Hi everone.

    I'm really lucky, and am going to be getting a leather weekend bag for my 20th birthday. I've been on the lookout for ideas, and while walking around central London I saw some really nice looking ones in a Murdock shop:

    I was thinking about getting one of the large leather kit bags, almost certainly in brown like the one on display on the first page of the link. This is obviously where SF comes in - does anyone here have any experience with Murdock leather (they're not primarily a leather good shop)?

    I'm pretty sure they're made in England - although the information on the website is slightly vague. It says they are made of English leather, and "designed" by a saddler in Shropshire. Seems unlikely that this is trickery, wouldn't you say?

    Also, what do people think of the design, and do you have any better ideas for £350 or less? I'm pretty clueless. The other brands I know are your standard Brigg, Papworth, Pickett, Tusting, SageBrown, and obviously the Hermes'/Dunhills/Mulberrys of this world - but all are too expensive.

    Or is a leather bag just a terrible idea for a present? :D

    Thanks. Sorry to bombard you with questions.

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