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Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by Danegerous, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Oct 10, 2016
    I'm planning on purchasing my first nice suit in the next few weeks and wanted to get some feedback on the best options in NYC. My budget is $1500-2000 and I'm looking for a slim fitting modern fit that will last me a while. From some of my research the below spots seem like good options:

    -Mr. Ned - Looks like a great value but the yelp reviews tend to be pretty negative and it looks like they may tend towards a more classic boxier look.

    -Enzo Custom Suits - Best yelp reviews in the city for MTM suit vendors. But I know sometimes yelp can be rigged and they make their suits in China.

    -Suit Supply - A lot of love on these boards but the yelp reviews seem mixed.

    -Alton Lane - Got a $100 gift card for here and it sounds like they have a cool 3d scanner but don't know much more about them

    -The Armoury - The ring jacket stuff looks awesome but not sure if they offer MTM services

    I would appreciate any feedback you have, very new to the suit buying game. Thanks!

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    I know some on this forum do not see the value vs cost in Brooks Brothers MTM program. However, I have had great success with the suits I had Brooks Brothers make through their MTM. You being in New York makes BB a great opportunity to give them a try!

    My SA said awhile ago that some of their best MTM Reps work there and they have a whole department just for MTM and that is all they do in that department. As opposed to other locations where SA have to sale and know about many different products they sell.

    My experience was great from day one. I learned about fabric super count, the difference in how the wool is spun at the loom rather it be 1 on 1, 2 on 1 and 2 on 2. Additionally, I learned about the different fabric mills like Drago, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Hardy Minnis (Bedlam) Gladson, Zegna and their own Saxson wool.

    I have other suit that are made-to-measure by other companies that cost me a lot more than what I paid at BB and are great suit. But the price point you gave would put you into a MTM from BB and is a much better option than Suit Supply IMHO and experience. I have tried SS on three different occasions and lead to nothing but frustration and wasted time as I had to take one to a tailor and spend more money to have it fit correctly, the other two I had them remake and still had to have my tailor fix fit issue that should have been fixed through their MTM program. A 700.00 suit cost me more in time and aggravation which is why I will never buy from them again. I rather pay a little more and get the fit and look I want and when I want it. You get what you pay for was the lessons learned with SS and see why they can sale their suits for the live they do. However, it might be different for you as it has be awhile since I purchase a suit from them.

    If you want a very slim fit then ask the SA to have you try the Milano suit silhouette. They will used that fit as a baseline in the construction of your suit. 1818 model is what you will be able to get with the price point you gave. This is their half canvas model. The next thing you will need to do is pick the fabric, color, and pattern and do not forget to ask about the weight and supper count. Speaking about slim suit fit, keep in mind there is a fine line between have a slim fitting suit and have a suit look like you put it into the dryer and it shrunk. I see guys at my office walk around with these very tight fitting suits with the pockets pull and the seat so tight that you swear they were a female from behind and not to mention the jacket being almost the same length that women wear theirs.

    The fabric should skim the body not hung it to the point that it starts to pull or bind up on the body while the body is in motion. Also if you go with a small taper through the legs make sure you are not one of those men with big feet but are rather thin. For example being 6'1 180 pounds and have a size 13 foot with a 14 inch taper and a walnut color shoes. Because the only thing people will see is your feet and not you or how the suit looks.

    Rather you go with BB or not the important thing to remember is to not over engineer the suit and keep it simple. Also you need to understand how the fabric will perform under the kind of use it will be subject to. This is where the super count comes into play as well as the weave of wool from the loom.

    One last thing I want to add that seems to help me out. Be very clear with what you want and explain that in a very comprehensive way to the SA. Also do not forget to get a quality pair of dress shoes because nothing destroys the look of a great suit than a man wearing cheaply made shoes. Allen Edmonds and Alden are great options, that will not kill your wallet and if taken care of should last you many years.

    If you want something a little bit more refined and sleek then Crockett and Jones ( which you can get even cheaper with the BB Peal & Co brand that is made by C&J ) Edward Green, or John Lobb.

    Best of luck.
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