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Mr. Ned in NYC -Any Updates?


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May 1, 2005
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Ive been following the mr. ned thread but cant seem to find it despite the search function. Are there any new updates?

When we last left off there were some favorable comments and carl of cego speaks highly of him. However later posts found the father a bit overbearing and evasive to specific questions about what they could do or like to do.

So what i ask those who have any exp with mr. ned is this: would you trust him to select a shoulder style and silouhette for you? Could you walk in and show them a pic of say a fallan and harvey or darren beamon and say would this be ok for my body type? can you do it. Or would they just do it to sell you a suit. Or worse the opposite and have you coming out with thick shoulder pads ala 1980s freakshow

In other words is this cut rate tailor only for people who know exaclty what they need and want? Are they too risky if you need some advice about what shape would work best.

On a related note then...if one could not afford the full bespoke treatment from say longsdail. Who would you reccomend in nyc in the 1500 MTMrange who you could trust to say what works and doesnt for your body?

Thanks all for the comments. I need a couple of good suits for shape and silhouette and then once the style is confirmed buy some lower 80s fabrics for the subway.


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Dec 26, 2003
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Mr. Ned Makes a basic updated traditional american soft shoulder. There is some padding but not a lot. They can put a little roping in the sleeve head if that is what you are after. If you want astiffer canvas, they cando that. If you want soft, they use a soft canvas. Wear a suit that you like. It will give them a starting point. They can do the basic details to give you a british look. for the money it will be great. It will not look like a handmade English bespoke suit. Don't go looking for that. Make one suit and see what happens. They have some great 120's for about $800 for a two peice suit. Carl www.cego.com

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