More Mall Brands, Lush Knits and Summer Swag - 3/17/13

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    H&M Plans Aggressive Expansion in US

    Swedish retailer H&M plans to pursue an aggressive strategy in the US marketplace for 2013. H&M opened 40 stores last year, bringing the total locations to 269. This Thursday H&M announced locations of new 10 stores, including new branches in Washington, DC and New Orleans. With this new expansion, H&M hopes to better compete with Forever 21, which operates 600 stores nationwide.

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    All About Inverallan

    Inverallan is a Scottish knitwear brand that is the ne plus ultra of handcrafted, beefy knits. Their pieces are expensive but beautiful. Extraordinarily warm and hardwearing, it’s the type of knit that you can be buried in. Take a look.

    Summer Plans

    How will you be dressing this summer? Espadrilles? Short shorts? This thread – while a little bit early, depending on your climate – opens the discussion on summerwear in the Streetwear & Denim forum.

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    Common Projects Captoe Sneakers, 43

    Balenciaga Runway Cotton Trench Coat, 50

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