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Momotaro Raw Jeans model 0201 Size 33, inseam 38"

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May 27, 2007
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Momotaro Raw Jeans model 0201 Size 33, not hemmed

Like new. Tried on for fit. Some stress behind knees and near inseam, waist. Slight folds from cuffing. No alterations have been made. Soaked once. Amazing deal! These retail for $300.

Momotaro denim material is one of the finest made. I asked around here on SF for tips and opinions on different jeans. The consensus is that the denim is top notch. Don't let the low price fool you. This is a amazing price for this denim.

Waist: 17-1/2"
Inseam: 38"
Front rise: 10-3/4"
Back rise: 15-1/8"
Thigh: 9-1/4"
Leg opening: 8-1/2"

•15.7 oz. Sanforized Momotaro Original Selvedge Raw denim
•100% Zimbabwe cotton
•Middle Rise with a Slim Straight fit
•5 button fly featuring Original Momotaro buttons
•Pink Momotaro Selvedge ID
•Pink Inseam cotton thread
•Copper Male Rivets
•Copper Female Rivets with Momotaro Peach branding
•Herringbone pocket bags with Momotaro logo embossing
•Deer skin leather waistband patch
•White Rayon tag on back pocket with red Momotaro Crest logo

Made in Okayama, Japan

Raw denim soaking

Conversation between experienced member and I. I've removed his name for privacy.


Nov 29, 2014 at 1:42 pm
Hey man, I saw you're soak instructions for raw denim in the "I have a jean..." thread. A couple of questions. How long should the jeans be soaked? I want a lot of shrinking. More than less, but not to damage the denim of course.

Inside-out or is that not necessary?

Any hints on drying? I was planning on hanging them from a hanger with two clips on it.


experienced member

Nov 29, 2014 at 8:12 pm
I have my method of soaking that has proven to be quite successful at getting just about every bit of shrinkage out. First, turning your jeans inside out or not is a personal preference, some people are afraid of whatever they use to weigh down the jeans, will agitate the wet denim, I personally find this unnecessary and hate the process of turning them inside out after they have dried and have all this powdery starch residue on the jeans that was brought to the surface and but not removed from the denim. My suggestion, dont turn them inside out and just use rounded objects like glasses or whatever to weigh them down. When put in a washing machine though, thats a different matter, then you turn them inside out.

Now for the soaking. Fill your tub with the hottest water possible, with obviously enough water to fully submerge your jeans. Once this is done put the jeans in, submerge them (this can be a bit painful) and try to get all the air pockets out. Then weigh them down. Do not agitate the jeans while doing so, although newly wet, it wouldn't really matter at this stage anyway. Leave them in for 45 minutes. Remove the jeans with as little agitate as possible, you can just lay them over the shower and empty all the water out of the tub, then refill it with the hottest possible water again (you do this because at 45 minutes in the hot water has turned to warm). Then re-submerge the jeans for the same amount of time.

Once this is done, comes the trying. Do not fold them in towels or try and get any excess water out, you just need to be patient and let them dry naturally all the way (DO NOT PUT THEM ON WHILE DAMP, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, THIS WILL STRETCH THEM OUT). The hanging method you are planning on would work fine. Its important to note that the soaking process is where the shrinkage occurs. The hot water is causing the cotton fibers to contract, so some people are weary about hanging, but unless your using something that will stretch the jeans out, then theres nothing to worry about. I personally use two S hooks and hang them from the belt loops over the shower. Your method should work perfectly fine.

If all this is done as said, and these are at least good quality denim, you will loose no indigo and your jeans will shrink about as much as possible.

What jeans are you doing this with?


Nov 29, 2014 at 8:21 pm
Thanks! Momotaro model 0201. I did everything as you described except resoaking them. I initially hung them from the leg openings/ Not thinking at the time that the pant leg might stretch out from the water weight in the top block.

The jeans are hanging to dry right now from the waist band on the left side.

I was anxious to get them going so I could wear them.

experienced member
Nov 29, 2014 at 8:37 pm
Ok good, so its good denim, no indigo loss to worry about should you decide to soak once more for a little more shrinkage. It's always hard to wait when you get a new pair. But you gotta remember you'll be wearing these for the a great while, so its best to make sure they're perfect from the get go. If you think they need one more soak to get a little more out, they will be absolutely fine if you do. I always soak with the method I mentioned just because I want to be positive I got as much out as possible, but one hot soak should be fine, just compare them to the measurements off the website you bought them from or find a website that sells them and has the measurements listed. Then compare. If the shrinkage seems about right (roughly 1.5 to 2 inches in the waist etc.. then your good to go, if not, personally I would suggest one more, but they are yours and yours to decide what to do with).


Nov 29, 2014 at 9:18 pm
Almost no indigo was lost I'm sure. The water wasn't even blue and the tub wasn't blue afterwards. I had other raw denim a few years ago and that wasn't the case.

I just measured them like you said. The shrinkage is on par with what I'm looking for. The waist did shrink about 2". Knee and hem shrunk. But not the tight. Maybe I didn't measure that correctly.

I'm going to let them dry. I'll report back after they dry and I get a chance to wear them.

And thanks so much for taking time out of your day to give me very helpful advice.



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