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    The Streetwear & Denim forum has a strange subset of awesome threads dedicated to exploring Fpast British fashion movenents by those who participated in them decades ago. We’ve talked about the skinhead and suedehead thread before, but here’s the mod thread: complete with authentic, vintage photos, and a user population far different than those who are seen elsewhere. And fashion tips to boot!

    Textile Factory

    Ffeeks, a longtime lurker and recent poster, apparently owns a textile factory in Bangladesh that serves a wide variety of high street/Macy’s-esque brands. I think he’s open to questions – the thread isn’t entirely clear – but damn, it’s an opportunity to bitch about labor practices or solicit job opportunities or something in between.


    Most of us assume by white shirt we actually mean white shirt, but what about ecru? This thread explores the conundrum of the white shirt that’s not actually white, and what do in that situation.
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