Mexico visa and tennis racquet carry on question

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    Hey guys,

    Wondering if anyone might have some answers for me... I'm going to Cancun this month, and I've been lead to believe that I do not require a Visa. I checked online and I think thats right but I would like to know if anyone here knows for sure? Basically I am an passport holder with a student visa here in the US. If I understand correctly, the new rule is that if you are coming into Mexico from the US with a valid US visa, you do not need a Visa for Mexico?

    Also I plan to play some tennis at the resort while I'm there. After some searching, I see a lot of different opinions on carrying a tennis racquet with me on an airplane as a carry on item. I think I do remember carrying some other racquets along with me but I'm not sure if I put them in my suitcase or not. This tennis racquet will have its own small case and I'll only have another backpack with me as carry on.

    Would appreciate some help.


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