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    StyleForum on StyleForum (on StyleForum on StyleForum...)

    Have you ever asked yourself “how does moderation work on StyleForum? Why do things happen the way they do? Is the sky blue?” Luckily (at least as far as the first two questions are concerned), there is a deliciously meta thread that is about nothing more than moderation and discussing StyleForum. Take a look!

    All About Nigel Cabourn

    I’ve featured Nigel Cabourn a number of times in this space, but I’m mentioning him again because the thread devoted to his idiosyncratic homages to long-dead English cultural icons (and war leaders) is worthy of special attention. It is simply one of the best organized (and dare I say, curated) threads on StyleForum, staffed by lots of Cabourn afficianados who actually own the clothes they’re talking about.

    Deals of the Day

    Patrik Ervell Navy Suede Hat

    Isaia Alpaca/Cashmere Overcoat, 42

    B&S Finds


    Nigel Cabourn Clip Jacket, 50


    Gaziano & Girling Westbury in Vintage Oak, 10.5E

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