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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by jcep, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Saw this article today and it made me wonder if this happens in classic menswear as much as it does in streetwear

    At first I laughed and thought it was a hilarious/interesting social experiment and gave the consumer a big lesson in being more informed on their clothing. I suppose if you question the ethics of slapping on a screenprint on someone else's work is in some way violating a theoretical creative ownership of sorts but since they even blatantly left the tag I see it no different than when a big company outsources work to a specialized production facility and then marks it up and tags it as theirs (Think RLPL, RLBL, Anything coming from Luxotica).

    The article made me question the way I shop and made me wonder how I should shop to get quality garments that are expensive due to quality of construction and a normal premium (not 700). Could it be argued that going bespoke as much as possible and supplementing with MTM copies as necessary is the way to go? Or is it best to buy exclusively on sale (despite the fact that this will keep feeding the retailers and designers that will charge a premium. Is this even relevant to an individual if he or she doesn't pay that premium).

    Anyways.. questions that came to mind and I figured if anyone wants to share their thoughts and has some background on garment construction it would be really interesting to understand how to shop more selectively or garments...

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