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Megathread---New Brooks Brothers Ties, Belts, Socks & Gloves

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Steve Smith

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Feb 5, 2008
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Price includes US shipping. International shipping is not much more. I usually ship a tie rolled up in a bulletproof little 3x4x4 cardboard box. These ties are first quality but have a mark through the label to prevent return to BB. Even if a tie has an "Irregular" label, it is first quality unless otherwise noted.

Bow Ties. Made in USA. Social Primer Ties are Silk/Cotton/Wool $30
Black Red Ivory Bow. No label but I think it is Black Fleece.***SOLD***
Navy Red Ivory Bow. No label but I think it is Black Fleece.***SOLD***
Burg BB #1/ Camouflage Bow***SOLD***
Yellow BB #1 / Fox Hunt Bow***SOLD***
Mauve BB #1 / Green Navy Stripe Bow***SOLD***
Gold Navy Blue Stripe Bow

Bow Ties. Made in USA. Silk. $30
Burgundy Madder Bow***SOLD***
Red w Blue Lion Bow
Burgundy Paisley Bow***SOLD***
Navy Flower Bow***SOLD***
Black w Indigo Madder Bow***SOLD***

Dark Brown American Alligator Belt. Retail $798. Brass buckle. Width 15/16 inch. W30 $250

Brown Shearling Lamb Gloves. Made in the United Kingdom. Retail $198. M**SOLD** $60. XL $60. XL with adhesive from transparent tape on one glove (will probably come out with dry cleaning, see last photo) $50.

Four Brooks Brothers Watch Straps. 16mm. $20

Standard length. Top row 3.5 wide, bottom row 3.25 wide. Silk. USA. $30.
Salmon w Thin Stripes***SOLD***
Navy w Orange Triple Stripe***SOLD***
Lt Blue w Thin Stripes
Red Textured Stripe***SOLD***
Pink Textured Stripe
Gold Textured Stripe***SOLD***
Purple Textured Stripe

3 inch wide, standard length. First 4 are silk. #5 is wool/silk blend. $30.
Orange Stripe
Dark Orange Stripe
Fuchsia Stripe
Salmon Strip
Dark Burg Stripe***SOLD***

These ties are silk, 3 inches wide and 57 inches long. Made in USA. $30.
Coral Stripe.
Burgundy Stripe.***SOLD***
Indigo Stripe.
Purple Stripe.
Dk Red.***SOLD***
Lt Blue.
Royal Blue.
Navy twill.***SOLD***

Golden Fleece Hand Made Self Tipped Ties. L 58, W 4 1/8. Made in USA. $35.
Pink Paisley.
Yellow Stripe.
Green Stripe.

Extra Long Silk Ties. Made in USA. Widths 3 5/8 to 3 3/4, Length 62. $30.
Burgundy Pool Balls.
BB#4 Pink/Navy.
BB#1 Blue.***SOLD***
Lt Blue Twill.
Purple w Lt Blue/Navy and GF logo.

Wool Knit Ties. Made in Italy. Second photo is more color accurate. W 2 5/8 L 56.5. $30.
Burnt Orange / Navy.
Lt Blue.***SOLD***

Group of Regular Length Silk Ties, width 3.5. $30.
Purple w Hermit Crabs.
Purple/White Fine Houndstooth..***SOLD***
Lt Lavender Squares.
Gold w Golden Fleece Logo.
Royal Blue w Navy/Gold Stripe.***SOLD***
Argyle & Sutherland.***SOLD***
Green w Purple/Gold Stripe.***SOLD***
Purple w Ovals.***SOLD***

Regular Length Satin Finish Ties, Width 3.5. Irregular labels $25, Makers labels $30.
Purple. $25.***SOLD***
Black. $25.***SOLD***
Lt Burg. $30.
Lt Gray. $25.
Darker Navy. $30.***SOLD***
Navy. $30.

Golden Fleece with Irregular Label. Solid ties are seven-fold. Regular length, Width 4 inches. $30.
Burg w Lt Blue Flowers.***SOLD***
Pink Satin.
Lt Blue Satin.

3.75 inch Silk Ties. Irreg Labels. Dotted ties are Extra Long (62 inches). Striped tie is Regular Length. $25.
Burg w Lt Blue Dots XL.
Burg/Gold Stripe.***SOLD***
Navy w White Dots XL.
Black w White Dots XL.***SOLD***

Silk unless otherwise noted. Width 4 to 4.25 unless otherwise noted. Regular length. $30.
Navy Flowers.
Green Satin.***SOLD***
Lt Gray Satin.
Black Satin.
Lt Blue Satin 3 inch width.
Lt Blue Herringbone 55% Silk, 45% Linen
Lt Blue 70% Cashmere, 30% Silk
Lt Blue Herringbone 55% Silk, 45% Linen
Tan Herringbone 60%Linen, 40% Silk***SOLD***

More Italian Made Belts
BB Country Club Lt Blue Polyester/Cotton Ribbon Belt. L. Overall length 50. $25.
BB Country Club Dk Green Polyester/Cotton Ribbon Belt. XL. Overall lenght 54. $25.
Dark Brown Suede Belt. Size 34. $39.***SOLD***
Dark Blue Suede Belt. Size 40. $39.***SOLD***

Dress Socks. Made in Japan unless otherwise noted. Fits sizes 7.5-12. $9 each bought with other items.
Black Pane.
Navy Pane.***SOLD***
Brown Pane.***SOLD***
Gray Pane.***SOLD***
Navy Paisley.***SOLD***
Lt Gray Paisley.***SOLD***
Brown Paisley..***SOLD***
Burg Ribbed. Italy.***SOLD***

******ALL SOLD BELOW*******

More Socks. Fits sizes 7.5-12. 3 for $29 or $9 each bought with other items.
Green Argyle. Merino Wool/Nylon. Italy.***SOLD***
Tan Paisley. Cotton/Nylon. Japan..***SOLD***
Navy Argyle. Egyptian Cotton/Nylon. England..***SOLD***
Black Argyle. Egyptian Cotton/Nylon. England..***SOLD***

Brown Lined Sheepskin Gloves. Made in United Kingdom. Seam restitched (pictured) on left glove. Size Small. $40.***SOLD***
Black BB Black Fleece Womens Gloves. Leather w Silk lining. Made in Italy. $35.***SOLD***

Black Fleece Ties. 2.75 x 57. Made in USA. $42.
Two tone stripe.***SOLD***
Three Tone Stripe.***SOLD***
BB#1 Two Tone Stripe.***SOLD***

Bow Ties Made in USA of English Silk. $30.
Red w Navy Dot. ***SOLD***
Burgundy Madder.***SOLD***
Brown BB#1.***SOLD***
Lt Blue Squares.***SOLD***
Gray BB#1.***SOLD***
Lt Blue Pointer.***SOLD***
Navy Pointer.***SOLD***

Brown Sheepskin Gloves. Inside is dyed shearling. Retail $198. Small. Made in UK. $60***SOLD***

Dark Brown Leather Gloves. Incredibly soft leather. Cashmere Lining. Made in Italy. Sized Women's Large, but these look like mens gloves to me and are equivalent to a men's Small. $55.***SOLD***

Black Fleece Ties 2 7/8 x 57
Red/White/Navy $45***SOLD***
White/Navy/Pink $45***SOLD***
White/Navy/Pink w snag on lower left edge $29>>$25***SOLD***

Golden Fleece Embossed Coin Wallet. Black Leather. Retail $198. $60***SOLD***

BB engraved metal collar stays in leather case. USA. $50.***SOLD***

Bow Ties. Made in USA. I only have 5 of these. Bow ties have been hard to find. $30***ALL SOLD***
Green Stripe
Lt Blue Stripe
Red w Blue Stripe
Red w Darker Blue Stripe

Fall Ties 3.75 width, Regular length $30.
Blue Plaid Wool.***SOLD***
Tan Blue Green Houndstooth. ***SOLD***
Heather Green Blue Tan Plaid.***SOLD***
Burg Blue Rust Plaid. 4 1/8 Wide.***SOLD****

Leather/Suede Argyle Belt. Size 38. $39.***SOLD***
"Brooks Brothers New York" Brown Leather Belt. Size 38. $39***SOLD***
Lt Tan Suede Belt. Size 38. $39.***SOLD***
Brown Woven Leather Belt. Size 38. $44.***SOLD***
All made in Italy.

Strap belts for Plaque Buckles. Width 15/16 inch.
Dark Brown American Alligator. Retail $798. W30 $250***SOLD***
Black Calf strap. W30. $40***SOLD***
Black Calf strap. W32. $40***SOLD***

FOUR pairs of Navy Ribbed Over The Calf Socks. Made in England. 65% Merino Wool, 35% Nylon. $50.***SOLD***

Regular Length "Solid Repp" Ties. These have a diagonal twill texture. $30, except for Irregular or 346 labels.
Lt Blue.***SOLD***
Red. $25***SOLD***
Navy. $25.***SOLD***
Darker Navy. $25.***SOLD***


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