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Discussion in 'Business, Careers & Education' started by LooksGood, Feb 23, 2013.

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    This is kind of a continuation of my older post about possibly moving into product management from engineering. I sent an email to one of our chief executives Thursday expressing my interest in becoming more involved in product management and asking if he had time for me to ask him some questions and run some ideas past him.

    He replied this morning that he would be schedule a lunch with me soon. I'm not expecting anything but this is definitely a positive. I've never had a private meeting with someone this high up in an organization before, and this is significant because while I don't work at a huge company like Google, sizewise it's not a startup either. The extent of our communication so far has been meeting casually and knowing my name because I've contributed many ideas(some good, some mediocre) to our online company message board.

    Since there are probably quite a few people on StyleForum who have experience meeting with executives(albeit in 'traditional' business with suits and everything, not tech which I'm in) what should the scope of this meeting be, and how should a guy in his late 20s present himself? I've done some analysis on our business data but I don't think I should pull out graphs or even discuss numbers with him. My goal for the lunch is twofold:

    1.Express my interest in a related but different department(going from engineering to product management)
    2.Show that I'm smart and that I've done my homework, hence the statistical analysis.

    How can I communicate #2 without coming off as too detail oriented and therefore being pidgeonholed as an engineer?


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