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    School as never been my thing I have a degree in political science and am an aspiring entrepreneur. I currently sell shoes at Nordstroms and think I would like my business to be related to men shoes like a store or a shoe company. I wrote a business plan for a men's styling company but feel that market maybe over-saturated and think that having products with service is valuable. I do know I need more experience, education and connections. A Little more about my background, I volunteered on my 1st campaign at 11, I have great instincts and have predicted the results to most of candidates I have worked for or volunteered. I don;t want to get this thread of track on to politics, But I did do an internship for Mitt Romney's 2007 presidential campaigns fiance office, doing fundraising. His campaign was based on the Bain model of management. I am dyslexic and have adhd so I don't think I would survive the accounting classes in an MBA program.

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