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MASSIVE TRAD TIE MEGATHREAD! Over 60 Regimentals, Tartans, Emblematics! Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart

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May 18, 2009
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I have a VAST number of beautiful ties to pass on today! As always, FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE CONUS, and ALL OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME--especially on three or more ties!

Please PM with interest and offers!


1) Unknown maker. Finest all silk organzine; a beautiful tie! Excellent condition. 3". $15.

2) B. J. Keats. All silk; excellent condition. 3 1/8". $12.

3) Oscar de la Renta. All silk. 3" $8.

4) Resilio. The classic Trad stripe! 3 3/4". Has a tiny spot on one side, so Very Good condition. $10.

5) Ashford and Brooks. All silk; excellent condition. 3 3/4". Asking $12.

6) VINTAGE Brooks Brothers. All silk, woven in England. Very Good/Excellent condition. 2 3/8". Asking $15.

7) SOLD Burberry. A classic Novacheck stripe! 3 3/4". Excellent condition. 3 3/4". Asking $16.

8) SOLD Resilio. Excellent condition. 3 1/8". Asking $12.

9) Agincourt. All silk. Excellent condition. 3 3/4". Asking $12.

10) Paul Stuart, for Burke and Boswell. Excellent condition. 3 3/4". Asking $15.

11) Polo, by Ralph Lauren. From back when Polo was good! Excellent condition. 3". Asking $12.

12) Unknown maker; all silk, hand made in Italy. Excellent condition. 3". Asking $10.

13) Paul Stuart. Irish Poplin; 50/50 silk and wool. Made in Ireland. Vintage, and so Good/Very Good condition. 3 3/4". Asking $12.

14) Vintage Wallach's. Very Good/Excellent condition. 3". $12.

15) SOLD Jacob Roberts for The English Shop of Princeton. A classic trad tie from a classic trad store! Excellent condition. 3 1/4". Asking $15.

16) SOLD Brooks Brothers. Some water staining to the lining of the blade, hence just Very Good condition, and so just $10. 3 3/8".


1) Mount Rushmore, by Pintail. Poly/silk. 3 1/4". Good/Very Good condition; some marking on underside of blade. Asking $10.

2) Horsehead emblematic by Roots. A beautiful tie! Poly/silk; 3". Excellent condition. $15.

3) "Don't Ask" by Alynn--when they made ties like Chipp! A golf club wrapped around the pole of the 18th. Poly. Excellent condition 3 1/4". Asking $12.

4) Pheasants in flight. Another beautiful tie by Roots! No fabric content, but likely poly/silk. Excellent condition. 3 1/4". Asking $15.

5) Ducks in flight, by Bert Lawrence. Keeper is off on one side, and there's a small shadow smudge on the right hand side of the blade, as shown. Hence, just $8.

6) Brooks Brothers 346. Golden Fleece emblematic. Some memory in knot area, so just Very Good condition. 3 3/4". Asking $15.

7) Rutgers tie. Vintage; Very Good condition. 3". Asking $10.


1) SOLD Male Chauvinist Pig! You KNOW you want this! made by Crested Clubs by Blandford. No fabric content, but likely polyester. Very Good condition. 4". Asking $12.

2) Elephants! Made from Thai silk. 3 7/8". Excellent condition. Asking $12.

3) Biplanes! Made for the very trad store diTorio's in old-money Pennington, NJ, just by Princeton. All poly, and with the keeper off on one side, otherwise excellent. Just $14.

4) HMV logo. Lovely! From Alynn, when they made ties that were tradly fun. Excellent condition. 3 1/4". Asking just $14.

5) Polo. Back from when Polo was good, this depicts riding boots and hat. 2 7/8". Excellent condition. $12.

6) SOLD Flying ducks! Hand made from silk and wool, this is a classic tradly tie for Fall. Has an unnoticeable thread run on the bottom of the blade, hence just $15. 3 1/4".

7) A rampant bear? Made for M's of Providence, RI, this is all silk--unusual for an emblematic--and in Very Good condition; there is some minor water marks on the lining of the blade. 3 1/4". Asking $15, or offer.

8) Monmouth Park emblematic. Almost certainly all silk. 3 3/4". There is a small brown spot on the gold stripe near the end of the blade, hence just Very Good condition, and so asking just $9.

9) Grasshoppers! Silk/poly blend. 3 1/4". Asking just $10.

10) Witch on Broomstick. This appears to depict a witch on a broomstick... delivering presents? This is from a German store, so maybe it makes more sense if you're German. In any case, an unusual emblematic that's quite fun! All silk. 3 1/8". Very Good/Excellent condition. Asking $15.

11) SOLD NWT skull and crossbones! All silk, 3 1/4". Asking just $12.

12) Gosart. Pheasants in flight; all silk. A beautiful tie! Excellent condition. 3 1/4". Asking just $16.

13) Ryder and Amies heraldic. Polyester. I assume this is a college crest? 3 3/4". Excellent condition. $8.

14) SOLD Triumph TR6 tie. Wonderful! A great tie for a car buff. Made in the USA by Keys and Lockwood. All silk--a lovely heavy tie! 3 1/4". $16.

GROUP D - 1: Yet MORE Emblematics!

1) Whales, for the tradly store of diTorio's of Pennington, NJ. Polyester. 3 1/4". Excellent condition, except for the keeper being off on one side; also a thread pull near the top. So, Very Good condition overall. Asking $10.

2) J. Crew whales and regimental stripes. Italian silk; made in USA. 3 1/2". Asking $15.

3) SOLD Tigers snarling? All silk, and excellent condition. 3 1/4". $15.

4) SOLD NWT Hickey-Freeman tie; pointer dogs! Excellent condition. Originally $120, so how about $25, or offer?

5) SOLD Pandas. From Carmelia Jones of Bond St., London, this was once a very expensive tie! Now, it's in Good/ Very Good condition, 3' wide, and $8.

6) SOLD William Turner & Sons Heraldic tie. ALL SILK! Made in the UK. 3 3/8". Excellent condition! $15.

7) More snarling tigers! Made by Hampton Hall. All silk, 3", excellent condition. $12,

8) SOLD Flying ducks. A classic Fall tie! Made by Ferrell Reed from silk and dacron. Excellent condition, 3 1/4". Asking just $14.

9) Seated stylized foxes. Made by Burton of New York. All silk; woven in England. 3 3/4". Asking $12.

10) SOLD The Ultimate Prep! Alligator in a pink shirt--made by Alynn, when they made ties to rival Chipp's in preppy humour. 3 5/16", excellent condition. Asking just $14.

11) OLD SCHOOL JAB WOOL tie; horses' heads and saddles. Made in Japan. Excellent condition! 3". Asking $16.

GROUP E -1: TARTAN TIES! In wool and silk.

1) SOLD Royal Stewart. Made in Scotland. All wool. Some snag damage to lining, as shown, hence just $9. 3 1/4".

2) Strawbrige Clothiers. Black Watch tartan. Made in England. Made from the now almost-impossible-to-find original Viyella blend of 55/45 wool/cotton. 3 3/4". Excellent condition. $16.

3) Made for the trad. store Roots. Clearly all wool. 3 1/8". Excellent condition. Asking just $12.

4) Pipers' Plaids. Grey tartan. Very Good condition; some minor surface pilling. 3 1/2". Asking $12.

5) Maclachlan. A lovely subdued tartan with purple squares! 3". Clearly wool. Excellent condition. Asking $14.

6) Viyella Blackwatch tartan--in the original Viyella blend, which I believe is no longer available. 3 1/8". Excellent condition! $16.

7) Urquhart tartan. Made in Scotland. 100% wool. Excellent condition, except for a pinprick hole on the back of the blade. 3". $14.

8) Royal Stewart. 100% wool. Made in Scotland. 3 1/4". Excellent condition. Asking $15.

9) J. Crew all wool Made in the USA. 3 1/8". Excellent condition! $13.

10) Craigmill shetland tie. Made in Scotland. 3 1/2". Very Good condition. Asking just $10.

11) Dress Mackenzie tartan. Made in Scotland by Kinloch Anderson. Very Good condition; some minor rumpling from storage. 3 3/4". Asking just $12, or offer.

12) Robert Talbott, for The English SHop of Princeton. 3 1/8". All wool. A wonderful trad tie! Excellent condition. Asking just $16.

13) Dress Gordon tartan. All silk; made in Italy. Excellent condition! 3 1/8". Asking just $14.

14) Paul Stuart; all silk, Made in Italy. Excellent condition! 3 1/4". Asking just $15.

15) NOS straight tie. Excellent condition! 2 1/8".



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