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Many New Sizes Added 11-3***Brooks Brothers Supima Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirts Slim, Extra Slim

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Steve Smith, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Senior member

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international quote. I can fit two (or three depending upon size) into a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope, so international shipping can be pretty reasonable on a per shirt basis.

    If I put "n" after a size that means that shirt has no pocket. There are several different neck labels. Your shirt may not come in a plastic bag. All are first quality but have a mark on the neck label to prevent return to BB.

    These shirts currently retail for $95. All are Made in USA. No volume discount.

    When you order a shirt specify the size and fit.

    I can add Regular and Traditional Fit shirts to the thread if I get any requests.

    Blue 14.5-32n, 15-33n,15.5-34, 16-33, 16-36, 17-34
    White 14.5-32n, 15-32sold, 15.5-34sold, 15.5-35, 16-34, 16.5-34
    Blue University Stripe 14.5-32n, 14.5-32, 14.5-34nsold, 14.5-34, 15-32n, 15-33n, 16-34, 16.5-35sold
    Red University Stripe 14.5-32, 15-32, 16-33

    Blue 14.5-32, 14.5-33sold, 15-32, 15-33sold, 15-34, 16-34, 16.5-35sold, 17-33
    White 14.5-33, 15.31, 15-34, 15.5-34sold, 16-32, 16.5-35, 17-34, 17-34n, 17-35, 17.5-33
    Blue University Stripe 15-34, 16-33, 16.5-32, 16.5-35, 17-36
    Red University Stripe 14.5-33, 15-34, 15.5-34, 16-34, 16.5-34
    Pink 14.5-32, 15.5-33, 15.5-34, 16-34sold, 18.5-36
    Yellow 15.5-34, 16-34
    Ecru 18-38, 18.5-35


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